Inside the brothel themed party on Devonshire Place

Debauchery and garters make a return to Jesmond


Devonshire Place hosted a house party that triumphed all other house parties. Remember the Jesmond S&M party? Remember the Kinky Ken and Bondage Barbie party? Yes, of course you do, my mistake. The Brothel followed in the awesome tradition of turning Jesmond suburbia into a full-on sex show.

A house of rowdy second year boys will go down in Toon history for hosting a thrilling and scintillating night. Fishnets were adorned, gimp masks purchased and pimps were in action for one memorable night. Whilst the host told us to “dress your kinkiest” we did not disappoint, nor did anything else really.

Arriving at The Brothel the lucky guests were met by Steve, the professional bouncer, and had to produce downloaded Fixr tickets (this was no normal 21st bash). Moving into the house the walls and rooms were decked out: dripping with porn and props, it did not fail. Every room was turned into a different seedy haven – there were so many rooms adorned with fetish gear, it was hard to make it all the way around. DJ decks, chill-out rooms and a personalised Snapchat filter – what else did we need?

Costumes ranged from playboy bunnies, lingerie, pimps to speedos. It was a spectacular evening to behold. Rammed full of scantily clad students the house was heaving and booming. So much so that sadly the po-po shut us down at around 3am, but isn’t that just the sign of a fucking good night? Take a look at some of these saucy snaps to see for your own eyes what a night of sexy legend this was.