Here’s exactly where you’d find each character from The Office on a Liverpool night out

Spoiler – Creed loves the Raz

Liverpool nights out are not for the weak. Often overlooked by the likes of Newcastle and Manchester, Liverpool is the underdog of nights out and deserves recognition as such. Whether you’re a die hard Level fan, or will only step foot in the Raz on a week night, each of Liverpool’s clubs are uniquely different. So different in fact, that every character from The Office would no doubt have a favourite – even Creed. So, without further ado and answering the questions I’m sure you’ve all wondered, here’s exactly where you’d find each character from The Office on a Liverpool night out.

Michael Scott – Level 

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The big guy, the boss, would be found here bouncing between the floors and most likely situating himself on the top level and twirling himself about to Rihanna and High School Musical remixes whilst telling everyone he has a VIP area roped off for him if they fancy joining.  A noticeable mention should be given to the new Level ball pit where you would most likely see Michael doing a bomb before spreading himself out and starfishing.

Creed – Raz but specifically on a Saturday

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I think it is quite obvious to say you would find Creed lurking in here whilst sipping on Raz juice after slipping the bartender a counterfeit note. When it hits 6am, you would see Creed scurrying along the walls and floors looking for leftover Raz pocket money, but sadly only coming away with a blueberry elf bar and an “I heart Amsterdam” lighter.

Andy – Woody’s

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The Nard Dog is pumped and is dressed in his most prized checked tie. He would be found in Woody’s waiting to perform his rendition of Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and warming up his acapella chords. Whilst waiting for his turn, he has cornered the best friend of a bride-to-be into hearing him recount his the good old Cornell days in exchange for supplying her with endless Jägerbombs and watermelon VKs.

Jim – Celtic Corner

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With the intention of just going out for a couple of beers, Jim would head to Celtic Corner and be seen smirking into his corona. Whilst here, Jim’s mind will be racing, trying to conceive a tactical plan to persuade Dwight to climb onto the mechanical bull but after his seventh drink will most likely climb on himself and Facetime Pam.

Pam – Electrik

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You would probably see Pam heading to Pandamodium Saturdays at Electrik and buying two double vodka cranberries at a time so she can get jiggy with it. But to be fair she would probably just go wherever everyone else wants to go.

Dwight – Fusion

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For research purposes, Dwight heads to Fusion and situates himself in on a podium to allow a perfect view of any illegal or illicit activities in the crowd. By about 2am, Dwight has finished his observations and starts profusely dancing, ensuring he maintains eye contact with the dancers at all times. He continues with this until he eventually gets thrown out and demands he didn’t want to be in there anyway.

Kelly – Popworld

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After stopping in at the Lime Kiln for two for £12 Sex on the Beach pitchers, Kelly would head to Popworld and become captivated by the relentless playlist of ABBA and the Spice Girls. After powdering her nose, Kelly would exit the ladies with a hula necklace, a pair of yellow flip flops, two packets of bubble gum and a pink lemonade Lost Mary.

Kevin – Gourmet Grill

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On his way into town, after a quick Peroni at the Beer Engine, Kevin crosses the road in awe of the big, red sign of Nabzy’s. The special red salted chips don’t really touch the surface so he decides to take himself next door to Hot ‘n’ Tender before a Vine Court fresher guides him down Myrtle Street to Gourmet Grill. His night is ended abruptly by the selection and he opts for a garlic mayo-induced, mixed kebab meat gyros with a side of onion rings and garlic bread.

Meredith – Nobody really knows 

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Meredith is already blackout drunk by the time she gets to Concert Square and ventures into the basement of Heebies. After she has finished her dare of licking the walls, she ventures back outside and is last seen at 4am roaming Fleet Street in nothing but a pinstripe skirt, holding a candlestick.

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