People have discovered this chaotic Liverpool house and I’m obsessed

You won’t believe what is in one of the rooms

The Liverpool housing market is a fascinating place. It’s easier than you think to find yourself deep in a dark hole of Liverpool housing lore. However, last week, a certain Merseyside house went viral on Twitter for all the right reasons after user @isabeIIeee highlighted a rather unique house listing.

The house, situated just next to Goodison Park in Everton, has become Liverpool’s latest meme export. After Issy’s tweet spread far and wide, the post has reached the lofty heights of meme-dom, with pages reposting the house listing, including the illustrious Archbishop of Banterbury. So, what is it about this listing that got the internet so loco-loco? Let’s have a look…

Let’s begin with the listing itself. First of all, the price is astonishing. £79,950 for a two bedroom house seems like an absolute steal ⁠— especially in this economy. In comparison, a two bedroom house in Hertfordshire would cost in excess of triple this price. Hmm.

From the outside, this house looks unassuming. It’s on the corner, so I guess that’s somewhat convenient given that there are fewer neighbours to piss off. With its delectable bay window at the front and little patio area, perfect for summer-time barbecues and smoke breaks, the house’s façade checks out.

To be honest, it looks like a paint-by-numbers Liverpool house – similar to the ones we’d see in Smithdown or Kensington. 

Moving through the house, we come across the room titled ‘dining area’. Well, there may be a distinct lack of any form of a dining table, but the room has plenty of character. In particular, the double whammy of a keyboard and a jumbo pack of Stella Artois makes for any beautiful evening. Also, take note of the array of three desk lamps on the left dresser. Fair play.

However, when scrolling onto the fourth image, there’s a jump scare…

There’s a lot to unpack here.

I don’t have enough fingers to count just how many stuffed toys there are in this room, but what I can tell you is that this room is a shrine to Looney Tunes’ Tasmanian Devil character. Known as ‘Taz” to his friends, the character has been immortalised in this ‘bedroom’.

Our calculations estimate that at least 40 Taz characters of all different sizes are in this picture. Maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of stuffed toys, but the picture is a little nauseating. Look at the shelves at the back of the room, they look a little funky.

Whilst the bedroom doesn’t see a cameo from our friend Taz, the living room sees a return for the Looney Tunes character. It’s a little less overwhelming here, but you can see that the dedication towards Taz has spread elsewhere. There’s a whole cabinet containing Taz stuffed toys, mugs and a pop vinyl on the right of the image. You can even see Taz rammed into a Christmas stocking above the sofa. How sweet?!

In response to the original tweet, Twitter users were in shock, flabbergasted almost, at the listing. Most people were taken aback by “the Taz room”. Some users had some crafty ideas and memes in response to this Everton home:

Twitter user @ConnorSpeno even suggested making the house into a “grotto”. I know I would be buying my ticket ASAP. However, this has all kicked up a stir about house viewings. We’ve all had an awkward or bizarre house viewing here in Liverpool, but this one tops the list for the best one around. Nevertheless, if you have a house viewing, be sure to keep your array of 50+ stuffed toys away, otherwise, you too could find yourself the subject of a meme.