Rating Lincoln students’ pancake day attempts: The sweet and the unsavoury

Strawberries over pigs in blankets every time

Tuesday brought the annual treat of Pancake Day. A delicious celebration where people forget their daily troubles and instead spend the day flipping skinny pancakes in the name of Shrove Tuesday.

Whether you’re armed with a homemade recipe your mum sent you or you managed to grab the pre-made mixture from the shops in time, everyone aims to make a creation worthy of gracing the tables of a Michelin star restaurant or at least Kaspa’s.

Whether the toppings of choice was chips and ketchup or chocolate and strawberries, Lincoln students created a vast and interesting selection.

Here are the best Pancake Day creations from UoL students:

Olivia- A classic combination 7/10

Olivia demonstrated a classy and classic pancake combination. The delicious combo of strawberries and Nutella shows she’s a woman of class as well as taste. This pancake held a good chance of getting a 10/10 but unfortunately it has it’s curves in all the wrong places. There is even a tiny mark of, what I was told was, Biscoff showing that Olivia isn’t a one trick pony when it comes to her culinary skills, she has variety.

Millie- Don’t judge a book by its cover 8/10

This is a pancake I find particularly aesthetically pleasing. An almost perfect circle, cooked to perfection. Millie had sugar and orange, which sounds like a citrus sweet delight. Deciding to switch lemon for orange was a bold choice, but it sounds all summery and we all need a bit of that right now.

Adam- A banana extravaganza 6/10

Adam informed me he used a whole banana for this pancake, which could be slightly overkill. He also used both sugar and honey, because clearly his sweet tooth can’t choose between the two. Despite the concerning ratio of thick banana slices, a ton of sugar, and a pancake, it’s not bad… but it’s not great either.

Abbie- ‘Not the most attractive but tasted amazing’ 6/10

Despite the yumminess of Abbie’s chosen topping, her presentation let her down. The knife marks that are scratched into this poor pancakes surface indicate Abbie is not one for how something looks, but is all about taste. The surrounding mess indicate that this pancake was not her first. Having one is just boring anyway!

Dave- The neat one 8/10

It looks plain on the surface but that cut suggests a cheeky chocolate surprise. Beautifully folded and a clean presentation. Solid effort. Dave is clearly a student who has it all together. The uniqueness of the fold compared to the usual circular presentation certainly gets him extra points.

Vicky- I have no words  -10/10

There is too much to comment on here. The chips, the ketchup, the burnt pig in blanket. This is an abomination, enough to make Gordon Ramsey go so red with anger that he bursts blood vessels. Don’t ever do this again. Disgusting.

Tom- He tried 4/10

He tried. That’s the main thing. The batter looked hopeful, but clearly this pan is not a non-stick and Tom is no good at flipping. He still ate it though, so the spirit of Pancake Day is not lost, but who can waste food as a student during cozzie lives anyway?

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