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Tributes pour in for Leeds student Melina Bushell after her tragic death

Her dad has received an outpouring of support on Twitter

On Thursday morning, Melina Louise Bushell's dad, Dean, revealed the news of his daughter's tragic death on Twitter.

His open, heartfelt message went viral, receiving thousands of replies of support and love from both strangers and those who knew Melina, who was studying at the University of Leeds.

Melina was in her final year, and her death came as a shock to those that knew her.

Dean is using the hashtag #TimeToTalkDay to encourage people to talk about their mental health.

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In a post, Dean said: "Please I'll ask again make that phone call, send that text message, go see an old friend or family member, you can make a difference."

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Knowing the suffering he's been through, and wanting to help others avoid that same feeling, Dean set up a MIND Memory Space in Melina's memory.

The memory space reads: "Melina was our world. A beautiful daughter, loving sister, doted granddaughter, caring auntie, and best friend to many. Taken far too soon and for reasons we will never fully comprehend. We've set up this page so others don't have to suffer alone."

At the time of writing, just under £6,000 has been raised to help support those in need in honour of Melina.

You can read Dean's full thread on Melina's story here.

If you'd like to donate to Melina's Memory Space, click here.

If you've been affected by this article, or need to reach out to somebody, here are some links that you can talk to someone for free at any time via Samaritans: Call 116123 or visit their website to find alternatives ways of talking to someone.

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