Union campaigns to tackle Leeds sex pests

LUU aim to stamp out sexual harassment in Leeds clubs


Leeds University Union have launched a campaign to reduce sexual harassment in bars and clubs.

The ‘we got your back’ means people working in over thirty venues will receive specialist training in spotting harassment.

This follows a survey in which 37% of female students said they had been inappropriately touched or groped on UK campuses.

Venues are also being encouraged to set aside areas in which victims will be able to report what has happened to them.

Leeds University Union equality and diversity officer Gemma Turner told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “We have a duty to make our campus and city safe for the 31,000 students at the University of Leeds, which is why we already have a zero tolerance to sexual harassment policy within the union, our own bars and venues.

“It’s critical that we have Leeds’s bars and clubs on board because sexual assault and harassment is particularly prolific in loud, crowded environments where people drink heavily.”

Intercalating fourth year Michael Grant says: “I think it must be particularly hard for girls. I’m sure some lads do get a bit of harassment the odd time, but when bouncers are turning you away because there is ‘too many lads already inside’, you get an idea of what they must have to deal with when the gender ratio gets lopsided.

“We all like to go out and have a go at getting the ride but if you’re making the person you’re trying to pull uncomfortable; you need to know to stop and move on.

“If you can’t empathise with it happening to yourself, then imagine it happening to your sister or girlfriend. It’s not really just banter then, anymore”