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JCR presidents agree to 80% budget cut from LUSU

‘This will be an excellent opportunity for JCRs to return to being representatives and not simply events groups.’

Meet Lancaster’s 93% club set to enhance the uni experience for state-educated students

‘For many state-educated individuals, university is their best and only chance at social mobility’

Meet Irede and Jordan, the Lancs students behind the BLM insta pledge

‘It’s difficult living in a predominantly white area’

Meet Charli, autistic and disabled activist and Lancaster Uni student

“It’s difficult to push against a system that doesn’t seem to be built for you.”

‘The uni failed me’: Student experiences of sexual assault at Lancaster University

‘They care more about plagiarism than they do about sexual assault on their campus’

These are the Lancs pubs confirmed to be opening tomorrow

Check to see if your favs will be opening their doors

An ode to Pound Bakery: the gift that keeps on giving

Another unsung hero of Lancs

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