From Jail-Breaks to Rainbow Races: Here are all the colleges’ Extrav themes of 2023

It’s official! Extrav theme release day is here! 

Since last week, all eight undergraduate colleges at Lancaster have been hinting and teasing their themes for their end-of-year Extravs 2023. With themes ranging from Mario Kart to Shrek, there is a wide variety of choices for what to attend this year. Tickets and more information are to be released soon, but without further ado, here are this year’s Extrav themes:

Grizedale – Grize-Jail

Grizedale announced its jail-themed Extrav through a one minute and 10-second long trailer set to the Queen’s iconic song, I Want To Break Free, featuring clips from classic films and tv shows including Paddington 2 and Orange is The New Black, alongside videos of the college entrance, bar and past Extravs. It was accompanied by the caption, “If you thought Grizedale bar built its reputation through lively atmosphere, or serving phenomenal cocktails, you thought wrong […] You will find yourself behind bars at HMP Grize-Jail. We’re locking the doors and serving our time at the biggest and best event Grizedale has to offer.”

Grizedale’s Extrav will be held on Tuesday 27th June.

County – Shrek

County announced this year’s “Shrekstrav” on its Instagram, featuring all your favourite characters from the franchise including Shrek, Donkey, Fiona and Fairy Godmother. Previous hints included two Instagram posts: a lime green square and a zoomed-in picture of Mike Wasowski’s eye.

County’s Extrav will be held on Wednesday 28th June.

Fylde – Fylde’s Gone Wylde

Fylde announced its zoo themed Extrav with a four-minute, 44 second long trailer, featuring its JCR dressed up in animal costumes, from a pair of Penguins to a giant Zebra, having escaped from the zoo and running wild around campus. The trailer also included iconic music from Star Wars and classic silent Charlie Chaplain movies. It was accompanied with the caption: “Dig out your animal costumes, it’s time to break out of the zoo!”

Fylde College have also announced with a post on its Instagram story that this year’s Extrav will be Sugar DJ, Juxtapose’s last ever performance. The Extrav will also feature music from LMNT & Inglorious Brassterds, free candy floss and popcorn, alongside face painting, UV tattoos and night busses for students.

Fylde’s Extrav will be held on Thursday 29th June.

Cartmel – Toy Story

Cartmel’s Instagram post announced its theme to be the childhood favourite film Toy Story, featuring Pixar’s classic three-eyed alien friends. Hints had included three previous Instagram posts including astronomy, the wild west and Barbie-themed backgrounds.

Cartmel’s Extrav will be held on Tuesday 27th June.

Bowland – 70s Disco

Bowland revealed its 70s Disco theme through a short TikTok video to the song Run Boy Run by Woodkid, featuring all things 70s, including flared trousers, Hawaiian shirts, disco balls and classic music. Its caption read, “The secret is out; our theme for Extrav is… 70s disco… see you all at Bowland’s Tuesday Night Fever!”

Bowland’s Extrav will be held on Tuesday 27th June

Pendle – Stranger Pendle

Pendle announced its Stranger Things-themed Extrav via an Instagram post, featuring a silhouette of the Demogorgon dressed as a witch. Previous hints included an earlier Instagram post including a Dungeons & Dragons dice. More information about tickets will be released on Pendle’s socials soon.

Pendle’s Extrav will be held on Thursday 29th June.

Lonsdale – MarioStrav

Lonsdale announced its Mario-themed Extrav with a one-minute and 25-second long trailer, featuring an iconic Mario-Kart race between each of Lancaster’s colleges along Rainbow Road, set to the classic Mario soundtrack, with Lonsdale College ultimately winning the race and Bowland coming in last.

Lonsdale also announced via its Instagram story that this year’s Extrav will feature Adam Bowen, Mark Kendall, George Little, Inglorious Brasstards, Jamie Tuzsynski, Sicilian Dragon and so much more.

Lonsdale’s Extrav will be held on Wednesday 28th June.

Furness – Super Sneaky Strav

Furness revealed its spy-themed Extrav via it’s Instagram story, featuring a background of flames. Furness later posted its trailer involving members of the JCR involving a car chase set some classic spy movie theme music. Previous hints included four seperate Instagram posts throughout the week, including a “Top-Secret” case file, two different types of codes and four coloured circles against a black background.

Furness’ Extrav will be held on Wednesday 28th June.

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