The results are in: Who are your 2023/24 LUSU Officers?

Here’s who will be running LUSU for the 23/24 academic year


Your LUSU Candidates are now LUSU officers.

Lancaster Students Union has announced its officers for the 2023/24 academic year.

This year, 13 candidates ran for nine roles, and only one ex-officer re-ran, this time for a different role. RON (Re-Open Nominations) was also a voter’s option for all roles.

This year 0ver 30,000 votes were cast in the elections, with your newly elected officers listed below.

FTOs – Full-Time Officers

President – Cerys Evans:

Via @cerys.evans.16 on Instagram

Cerys received 1,222 votes, beating the 1,052 votes cast for Nicolae. Only 107 votes were cast for RON.

Vice President Union Development – Harrison Stewart :

Via @harrisonstewart4vpud on Instagram

Harrison received 1,145 votes, beating the 976 votes cast for Tom. Only 180 votes were cast for RON.

Vice President Education – Samuel Hedges:

Via @samhedgesforvpeducation on Instagram

Samuel was the only candidate for VP Education, and received 1,930 votes while RON received 277.

Vice President Welfare – Josh Newsham:

Via @josh4vpwelfare on Instagram

Josh was the only candidate for VP Welfare, and received 1,916 votes while RON received 283.

Vice President Sport – Jack Watson:

Via @watson4sport on Instagram

Jack was the only candidate for VP Sport, and received 1,988 votes while RON received 220.

Vice President Societies & Media- Santi Siabato:

Via @santi3262 on Instagram

Santi was the only candidate for VP Societies & Media, and received 1,873 votes while RON received 353.

LCOs – Liberation-Campaign Officers

Students with Disabilities Officer – Luke Halpin and Rowan Birch:

Via @luke_and_rowan_for_swd on Instagram

Luke and Rowan received 745 votes, beating Arwen and Charley’s 625 votes, and Iraadat’s 598 votes. 131 votes were cast for RON.

Racial & Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer – Aminah Mann:

Aminah was the only candidate for Racial & Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer, and received 1,837 votes while RON received 179.

Women+ Officer – Hana Dodsworth:

Via @hanadodsworth.x on Instagram

Hana was the only candidate for Women+ Officer, and received 1,845 votes while RON received 222.

All candidate manifestos can be found here for LCOs and here for FTOs

Featured image via LA1TV on Facebook.

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