We asked students for their biggest King’s icks and here’s what they said

The lack of heating in the Maughan gives me the ick more than any boy ever could


I never knew you could get the ick for your university, but, as it turns out, you can. I’ve got it, and apparently many other students do too. With the help of other students, I have compiled a list of 14 icks for King’s College London. All of these icks might not be first world problems but they  hold a lot of validity for all of us. Don’t kick us out King’s, we love you really.

1. ‘Thinking you’re above everyone because you go to the business school’

It would seem that the business school isn’t the most popular thing at King’s, and a lot of people said they weren’t particularly fond of those who go to the business school. This was a fairly popular answer so they clearly aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Instead they seem to think they have a one way ticket into corporate London. But PSA, this isn’t the case.


It’s a struggle for most students to recall more than two or three off campus KCLSU events that have been a success, instead they give off major year six disco vibes. On top of that, what is with the price of memberships and merchandise? We’re all students remember.

3. The Anatomy Theatre Lecture

Staying on the topic of the Strand Campus, the Anatomy Theatre is just absolutely terrible. It’s cold and dark – not to mention the sheer un-comfortability of the seats and how long it takes to get in the lift there. There’s not even any charger ports there? Forget about the history surrounding it, its just a poor lecture theatre.

4. ‘When people wear their lanyards around their neck’

Someone else said this. DON’T SEND HATE! Seriously though, why do you feel the need to tell the world about your university?

5. Big Pret

You know the one I’m talking about right? The big Pret before Waterloo bridge on Strand. I don’t know what it is about it, but everyone and their mum is in there. I seem to bump into people I spoke to once in Freshers’ or who used to live in my halls and it just icks me out. I’m not able to make small talk in Pret.

6. ‘New Hunts House toilets’

They’re right. They are disgusting. Absolutely vile. If you haven’t experienced these yet, then do everything in your power to avoid them.

7. The outside of Strand building

It’s not an uncommon opinion that the Strand building’s exterior is a bit of an eye sore. Brutalist architecture didn’t take off for a reason. It might be time to renovate soon because everybody’s Instagram stories are suffering.

9. No heating in the Maughan

Now this, I am passionate about. Does the heating in this building just not exist? It’s not normal to sit in your university library in your outdoor attire and consider bringing a blanket. You’re going there to study, not to battle the elements like Bear Grylls.

10. ‘Dentist students’

To all my dentist students out there, you’ve been done bad girl. The person that said this probably doesn’t have that nice of a pair of gnashers anyways.

11. The marking boycott

Oh it just went on forever. The King’s Tab has written a few informative articles about this, and I could go on even more. But I’ll save you the moaning. There was most definitely a few people who panicked a little when they received that email of “Exam Period Three Results” and then realised they didn’t take any?

12. Secondary reading

Absolutely grinds everyone’s gears, why oh why is there so much? Just gets progressively worse the more your degree gets on. We’re in the generation of TikTok and reels – very few people have the attention span to read 100 odd pages of Judith Butler waffle.

13. ‘Lack of organisation’

A slightly more serious one here, but understandable nonetheless. Timetabling is out of whack, truly.

14. ‘Waterloo Campus’

Final ick. What a grand way to finish as well, with King’s ugliest campus. No one envies those of you who have classes there. It’s just not giving the London uni aesthetic is it? Instead, you still feel like you’re in a sixth form of some kind.

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