The best things to do around King’s campus this hot girl autumn

All the fun stuff you need to romanticise life and beat the autumnal blues


Hot girl autumn is well and truly upon us. Big coats have been pulled out from the backs of wardrobes, those of us no longer living the bills-included accommodation life are all valiantly fighting the urge to put the heating on, and I, for one, have fallen deep back into my Gilmore Girls obsession.

The notoriously feral Halloween period is front and centre of everyone’s minds right now, but for when that’s done and dusted, The King’s Tab has got your back with a list of some more wholesome things to do around campus throughout the rest of the season.

Grab a hot chocolate at Borough Market

For one of the best hot chocolates in London, head to Rabot in Borough Market, owned by Hotel Chocolat – though its famous cacao inspired restaurant has now sadly closed down, it’s cafe, bar and shop are all still open for business inside the actual market, and they offer hot chocolates equally as delicious as they are instagrammable.

At £4.45 for a large cup filled with real grated chocolate melted into milk, topped with chocolate whipped cream, AND chocolate shavings (just in case that wasn’t enough chocolate), this is definitely an essential yet affordable autumnal activity, and can easily be squeezed in between lectures for those on Guy’s Campus, with Borough Market just down the road.

Pay Daunt Books a visit

Channel your inner Rory Gilmore and visit one of London’s most famous bookshops this autumn. Though it now has eight more branches, the original Daunt Books is situated in Marylebone, and is surely one of the most beautiful bookshops in London.

And of course, if you’re not much of a reader, you can always just snap a few pics for your Insta story and grab yourself a tote bag – that way you can wear it religiously for the rest of the academic year so everyone at least thinks you’re an intellectual.

Fly high in the IFS Cloud Cable Cars

Let’s face it, as much as we all want to feel like true Londoners, sometimes it’s fun to play tourist. With that in mind, wrap up warm, hop on the Jubilee line, and head to the IFS Cloud Cable Cars, where you can enjoy a beautiful and unique perspective of the London skyline.

Though perhaps not one for those with an aversion to heights, there is something incredibly cosy, and even relaxing, about hopping in your own cable car at night with friends, and having a chat whilst taking in lit-up London from above. If that’s not reason enough, a round-trip is just £12, putting this activity safely within the student budget.

Celebrate bonfire night in the capital

Lucky for us King’s students, there’s no better place to be on bonfire night than London. With firework displays on offer at every turn, we truly are spoilt for choice.

For the full bonfire night experience of bonfires, fireworks, comfort food, and even mulled wine, it’s definitely worth booking in advance and heading to Battersea Power Station for their display. You can get your tickets here.

Take a stroll around St James’s

Hot girl autumn would be incomplete without a cosy hot girl walk. Thankfully, just 20 minutes from Strand campus lies St James’s Park, the perfect peaceful escape from student life. Grab a hot coffee from the park café and take a walk around the park for gorgeous views of autumnal scenery, with plenty of crunchy leaves to step on, of course.

This time of year can have its downsides, so consider this your starting point for things to do when you need a pick-me-up from the deadlines and the dark nights. And of course, no one’s going to judge you if you opt in for a duvet day instead – there’s no shame in avoiding the cold outside world altogether.

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