We asked Glasgow Uni students how to keep themselves out of a depression pit during lockdown

Hope you’re all keeping sane

It’s official: This is the fittest girl at Glasgow Uni right now

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These are officially Glasgow’s fittest bachelorettes, now crown your winner

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You aren’t worthy of Glasgow’s fourth round of bachelorettes but vote for one anyway

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Heat three of Glasgow bachelorettes is so stunning you better put on some shades

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Vote for Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat One

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How to celebrate Galentine’s Day in Glasgow

Looking for something or someone to do this Galentine’s Day? Grab your single gals and get ready for a wild night. If that’s not your vibe, get together and make some fuzzy blanket cocoons and put some shit romcoms on the telly. Don’t know what Galentine’s Day is? Go watch Parks and Rec Season 2, Episode 6 and thank me later.

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor 2020: Heat three

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