Glasgow students: Are you drinking in the right places?

Do you want to make the most of your summer off of uni? Obviously, but let’s not blow away all your money in one go

In the great city of Glasgow, the people are renowned for their love of one thing: alcohol. A Weegie and a pint of Tennant’s is a truly golden combination. Whether you are from Glasgow, have moved to Glasgow or currently living in Glasgow, you tend to pick up the habits of those around you as you embrace yourself in the local lifestyle.

In Glasgow terms, ‘fitting into the culture,’ is likely to be an increase in alcohol consumption. But in doing so, are you doing it right? Yes, there are plenty of great bars, clubs and pubs across the city, but where exactly can you find the best-valued drink?

The Ark, 46 North Frederick Street.

Located just beside George Square and right in the heart of the city, The Ark offers a reasonably priced menu with a wide variety. They also offer a hefty ‘boozy brunch’ or even a ‘crafternoon tea’ which is bound to leave you in a wobbly state. With cocktails in the region of £7 and an outdoor beer garden, it has an excellent atmosphere which does not leave you worrying about checking your online banking app the next morning.

Broadcast, 427 Sauchiehall St

Since opening its doors in 2012, Broadcast has greatly influenced the Glasgow music industry. As it’s a vastly different vibe to somewhere like The Ark, it is known for gigs and live entertainment. For the infamous Sauchiehall Street, it is a must try and drinks are very cheap with cocktails at around £3 and other drinks at an even cheaper price. If you’re a gig person, a boozy person and you live in Glasgow, this could be a revelation for you.

The Flying Duck, 142 Renfield St

Despite how it feels like you need to go through a First World War trench to get there, The Flying Duck is an acute little space which offers an area for gigs, as well as being a bar or diner. It is a fully vegan place, with all food and drink coming under the category. A pint of craft lager is £4.25, vodka mixers are sold for around £3.70 and if you are an ‘eater cheater’ (famously from the phrase ‘eating is cheating’) there is a great vegan menu available.

The Crystal Palace, 36 Jamaica St

Yes, the good old Spoons. It may be frowned upon, however there is no denying that it is still a much cheaper alternative to many of Glasgow’s ‘traditional’ pubs. As it is a chain, a much larger selection of drinks are available and if you’re looking for the classic ‘brexit’ meals, this may be your place. All your burgers, chicken strips and even a full English breakfast is available, can’t go wrong with that…


Bunker, 193-199 Bath St

Parallel to Sauchiehall Street, Bunker offers an underground bar on Bath Street with a great
atmosphere. For students, Sunday to Thursdays could be your cup of tea: incredibly cheap cocktails are available on these days and the food menu is sublime. There’s a wide selection of drinks too.

Tennants, 191 Byres Rd

Just across from Glasgow University, Tennants pub is a student heaven with pints of the famous lager sold for just £2 with a student card! Even though its prices haven’t changed much, the pub has still managed to move with the times. There are various screens dotted around the pub making it an ideal place for watching sport. Check out their modern website here.

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