Glasgow Uni Charity Fashion Show: YOUTH like you’ve never seen it before

Drinks, fashion, black tie – what more could a girl want?

The Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS) is a yearly event where students put on a full-scale production fashion show in support of an amazing charity selected by the student body, this year Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis (GCRC). For the second year running, the show took place in the Arches under Glasgow Central Station.

Under creative director Tiarna’s vision, the show was titled ‘YOUTH’ in a display of nostalgia, shared experiences, and growing up. In the run-up to the show, we interviewed models, spoke to the creative and charity teams, and sat down with the execs to hear about production – but nothing could have prepared us for how stunning a night it was.

Fellow Editor Sophia and I went down to the first night of the show to report on it in all of its glory. From our arrival, it was more than clear just how much work had gone into the whole production. From the VIP area to the collection organisation backstage, everything was meticulously planned and every person we spoke to seemed calm, excited and ready for the show.

The venue was decorated under the theme YOUTH as well, with teddy bears hanging above the stage, a grass runway, and slinkies hanging from the ceiling. A dedication to GCRC was in the main bar and it was clear throughout that everything that was around us was in support of an amazing charity and made possible through their sponsors, including Selective Personnel, MacTassos, and Redbull.

The show itself was fantastic, the crowd so supportive, and from the first model walk, we were all transported back to YOUTH.

They opened with youthful, feminine collections in pastels, ruffles and tulle and the first pieces were all colourful, eclectic, and had a child-like energy that fit the bill. The soft and playfully innocent shapes and styles of the pieces captured youth in its purity. All the models wore boots or trainers throughout and it was collections like the first ones where you understood what YOUTH meant to GUCFS, where there are always contradictions and contrasts.


Throughout the show, these bold contrasts in collections, styling, and staging captured the essence of growing up, where nothing ever seems to be completely perfect or consistent. As the show went on, the soft shapes and bright colours turned to sharper, tighter garments in muted tones, all around edgier pieces. The progression of the collections to me felt like a progression of age, a loss of innocence.

Whilst some collections were ready to wear, it was no surprise to see some gorgeous avant-garde pieces grace the stage too, including the flowery piece below which reminded me of an arts and crafts project from primary school in the best way possible.

From a creative and production aspect, the show was incredibly thought out and well-delivered. It all ran incredibly smoothly and everything was thought of, from flip-flops available at the cloakroom to polaroid photography to raise more money for charity. We also have to give massive kudos to the models who were all faultless. Lord knows I couldn’t get down that runway once, never mind that many times and with that many quick changes.

The show was clear in its goals yet nuanced and when I was speaking to various people we all had different takeaways. YOUTH to me felt like a celebration of everything that everyone experiences. From the childlike ‘play’ aspect of early years to the self-discovery and trial and error as time passes. The show captured the progression of growing up so well and really summed up the contrasts and distinctions of being young.

All in all, I’m struggling to fault the show. The team were all absolutely incredible and it was an evening of fun, drinks, support, and a celebration of student talent all in honour of a truly deserving charity. Whilst I am definitely feeling the effects of the after-party whilst writing this, no regrets.

A massive thank you and congrats to everyone involved at GUCFS for a fab Friday evening and for allowing us insight over the past few months into what has been going on behind the scenes.


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