On campus there’s been so many assaults’: We spoke to Exeter students Sit Down N Shut Up

‘It’s very overwhelming, the amount of people that have contacted us who didn’t know that they were sexually assaulted’

‘They’re moving students like musical chairs’: Exeter students on hotel evacuations

Over 300 students are still unable to return to their accommodation

Exclusive: Dr Alex loved Timepiece but never went to Safer Sex Ball

He graduated from Exeter in 2015

Everything you need to know about Exeter Marrow’s naked calendar

Pole fitness and the Exeter Demons have both got involved!

‘The only thing declining is my mental health’: Students on Exeter’s ‘soft lockdown’

Over 1,700 Exeter students told us they thought the policy wasn’t effective

Okay so Snoop Dogg performed at Timepiece in 2014, and it’s the best thing ever

Apparently he turned down a VK 😮

‘No one has looked after us properly’: Exeter Freshers on having to isolate in halls

One Fresher says she feels they’re being ‘locked up like criminals’

Meet the new 93 per cent club at Exeter uni providing inclusivity for students from state-school backgrounds

‘We want to create an honest discussion about social mobility and inclusivity within the Exeter student body’

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