Trends seen at Paris Fashion Week that need to be in every Exeter girl’s wardrobe

Forum Hill is actually a synonym for the runway

In Paris, the last week of January is always delegated to Haute Couture. This allows designers to show off their most exclusive designs for the upcoming season. The clothes presented adorn price tags worth tens of thousands of pounds. Assuming that even daddy’s money does not stretch that far, how would made-to-order couture gowns have any relevance to an Exeter girl’s wardrobe? Inspiration for the next Fight Night obviously! Fashion does have the tendency to trickle down through the ranks from Haute Couture to fast fashion, so here is your head start.

I’ve done the hard work and identified the trends exhibited on the runway that can tangibly be imbedded into you day to day clothing. With spring right around the corner, last season’s trends do not always translate into the next. Use this as inspiration for your spring Forum Hill outfits as the months warm up (wishful thinking when in EX4, I know).

Pink and green combo

Lighter shades of pink and green paired together are the perfect way to retire that dull winter wardrobe. The likes of Armani Privé and Valentino proved that these colours marry perfectly. This look could be achieved through a pink top paired with a green jacket, or even elevate an outfit with a green belt and a pink bow (incase you missed it the colours were green and pink).


Shock, this trend is still around. The Jean Paul Gaultier fashion house invites a guest designer to collaborate with for their Haute Couture collection and this season, Simone Rocha was graced with such honours. Known for her usage of bows, this trend was utilised in this collection. Despite being described as the modern version of the 2010 moustache craze, bows are here to stay and you best believe you’ll be seeing them all over Forum.

Overcoats/leather trenches

As seen already all over campus, the overcoat trend was confirmed by Valentino’s latest collection. These coats included vibrant colours such as green leather trenches, as well as lighter blue, pink and mustard yellow overcoats. Relaxing the navy or black jacket for a more exciting colour would be the perfect spring wardrobe adjustment.


Wearing florals in spring, how revolutionary. Seems obvious, but this season roses, specifically, are going to be everywhere. Robert Wun used roses as an accessory on the runway whereas Rodarte utilised the flower in their prints. This demonstrates the trends versatility, from accessorising with a rosette as a necklace to a top embossed with the flower.

Facial features

This may sound weird, however, lip and eye motifs were a theme in both Balmain and Alexis Mabille’s collections. These images used as a pattern or accessory are a playful way to vivify an outfit, rather than wearing something like florals (who would ever suggest that). A brand like Hot Lips (an Exeter fave), who sell rings in the shape of lips, perfectly exemplify how to subtly join the trend.

Belts/buckles used as a decorative element

Chunky belts made a come back recently, now that trend is moving up a level. This fashion week, Schiaparelli sent both trousers and jackets decorated with belt buckles down the runway. Further turning away from functionality, AZ factory presented a collection where tops and jackets were comprised of belts themselves. Taking direct inspiration, this trend could be incorporated into your wardrobe through buckled jackets, tops and even trousers. This gives a more edgy look to the classic Ralph Lauren closet fashioned around Exeter.


There has already been a metallic theme going on in fashion trends recently, an example being the viral silver Zara jeans. Silver appeared frequently on the catwalk this Haute Couture week, granted the ostentatiousness and shine does emulate the opulence of made-to-order gowns. However, in the vein of Fendi and Zuhair Murad, the silver trend is here to stay. Getting involved through wearing a sparkly top for a TP Saturday would definitely get the fit bouncer’s attention.

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