Here are the top excuses you’ll hear from an Exeter Uni student about not making a date

If you met them in upstairs TP, you only have yourself to blame

Getting cancelled on is never a nice experience, but hey, we’ve all been there! Sometimes it just doesn’t go to plan, and that’s perfectly okay. I’m sure your latest Exeter fling has a totally valid and fair reason for cancelling your Old Firehouse date – just an hour before you were meant to be walking out the door. Your housemates try reassuring you with a classic: “Something really important must have happened for them to scratch the plans,” but as you stare blankly at the excuse they have half-heartedly sent, it really makes you question if the spark was even there in the first place.

You may have sworn to yourself last Valentine’s Day that it was officially the final one you’d be spending alone, but unfortunately the Exeter dating scene is as temperamental as it gets. Buckle up, because here are the top excuses you’ll hear from an Exeter Uni student for not making your date:

1. Training ran over

As the top university for sport in the South West, it is no surprise that many sporting students get incredibly competitive, and obsessive, within their club. A last-minute text from your new situationship stating hockey/lacrosse/rugby training ran overtime is unsurprising, but alas, still disappointing. Top tip: to move on from this humiliating cancellation, make sure to take a glimpse of their next horrendous costume on a Wednesday night, and I’m sure the ick will get you moving on pretty quickly.

2. Too hungover

A pathetic excuse, I know, but a seemingly frequent one. With the go to Exeter date more often than not being “grabbing a pint”, you ideally don’t want to feel nauseous at the sight of alcohol. Take the “too hungover” excuse with a pinch of salt – they may have genuinely just taken it too far the night before.

3. They’re friends with your ex

 We all know that Exeter is a bubble, and unfortunately, that means that everybody knows everybody. An unlucky excuse you may hear from your promising Tinder match is that they’ve realised why you looked so familiar and it’s because they’re pretty close buddies with your ex who STILL has their piccies with you posted to the Gram. My consolation to you is that it’s probably a good sign they’ve done the right thing and not gone after their mate’s ex; it will eliminate any awkward encounters for you in the future.

4. They got a last-minute TP ticket

Now this is a slap in the face, if ever I saw one. We all love a TP night out, but more often than not, the monotonous music and overpriced drinks actually make for a pretty mid evening that leaves you with nothing but a hangover and drained bank account. If you get cancelled on in favour of a night in TP, they were never that excited about your company anyway. Sorry to be brutal, but hit that block button.

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