Quiz: Here’s what you should dress as for Halloween based on your Exeter go to’s

So you can do the night right (and drink one too many blood Venoms)

Just like the night life in Exeter, Halloween this year started way too early with costumes creeping up on the first day of October. With many people having planned their costumes and excited to show them off at the earliest possible chance, there are also people who still have no idea what to wear. Until recently, I was the same – not only did I want a good costume, I wanted something that I could match with friends. All the costumes on this quiz are easy to do as pairs or in groups and are fun and simple. They do not take long to prepare and can be done on a smaller budget so perfect for last minute ideas. I know, I know – you’re welcome!

Exeter is known for its main go to’s such as the infamous green Venom, Pret for lunch and of course Efes after a good night out in TP. There are many other go to’s that aren’t necessarily as appealing to the main crowd of Exetah students which are just as good, if not better. This can also reflect a Halloween costume with some people loving the iconic costumes and others finding something new and interesting that hasn’t been seen as much before. Exeter would be nothing without its classic go to’s just like how Halloween would be nothing without the classic Men in Black group of “rah” girls and the boys who love an excuse to dress ridiculously outside of a Wednesday sport night. So, take this quiz to find out what your choice of costume should be this year (I’m not forcing you, but it would be a good idea).