Here’s exactly which Uni of Exeter halls you belong in based on your overall vibe

Thoughts and prayers if you vibe with Old Laf x

It’s results day, which means prospective Freshers are frantically googling their future uni. If you got into Exeter, congratulations, we can’t wait to have you! But with that, comes burning questions around who your friends will be and where you’ll fit in. Honestly, there’s no need to stress. Yes, everyone here wears exclusively Depop or Urban Outfitters and yes, they have signet ring heirlooms but hey, you just have to embrace the “Exetah”.

Will you be the stereotypical “rah” girl, who roams Holland Hall looking for baccy? Or will you be the self-proclaimed “feral club rat” who blasts DnB from the likes of New Lafrowda? You really wouldn’t want to be Old Laf, no one likes being second best. So, if you didn’t go on a gap yah to find yourself, and so are filled with anxiety over WHO you are, then read ahead to see which Exeter halls you belong in, based on your vibe.

New Lafrowda – You’re the ‘cool’ kid

Well done, you got the most popular accommodation. But, are you actually cool? If you vibe with New Lafrowda, you’re buzzing and always up for the sesh. We can’t fault you for that, your determination to make it to every TP Wednesday is admirable. However, you attempt to make friends with everyone, and your high energy can come off as obnoxious and get on people’s nerves. You’re all about flexing what you have, but maybe it’s time you sat back and relaxed a little bit.

Old Lafrowda – You’re never *quite* there

Ah, poor you. If you feel on a spiritual level with Old Laf, then I’m afraid you’re about to hit rock-bottom. You have accepted that you always come second best, and are an absolute perfectionist, critiquing yourself whenever you don’t get a First on an assessment. But, you’ve learnt to accept that you actually can’t get better than this. You need to change your mindset and become more of an optimist! You’ve got the right idea, but your lack of confidence holds you back in getting what you want.

Point Exe or The Depot – You’re an average Joe

Look, respectfully, there’s nothing wrong with you. But, there’s nothing *quite* right either. You’re not everyone’s best friend, but no one hates you, and you come out with some cracking one-liners. The underdog if you will, who embodies their inner NPC until they see an opportunity to provide some comedic genius.

Birks Grange – You’re sporty

If you aren’t sporty, you soon will be if you live in this accommodation. You’ll have to be if you’re climbing Cardiac Hill every day. You’re also strong-willed and independent, which means you’re a leader when you want to be. Granted, you can be a bit bossy and direct, but everyone needs a friend who won’t sugar-coat the truth for them from time to time.

East Park – You’re *actually* cool

Everyone who vibes with this accommodation are so chill. Genuinely the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and they’re always really studious. The best of both worlds, people who vibe with this accommodation can party but will also be there for you when you need. If you relate to this accommodation, you’re a hugger through and through – personal space? Haven’t heard of it.

St David’s – You’re mysterious

To be honest, a lot of people forget you exist. If you vibe with this accommodation, you’re probably the weird flatmate who they feel they have to include in their plans for the first month of uni. After that, you’ll be found nowhere. Seriously, where do you go?

St German’s and Rowe House – You’re shy

How unfortunate, you’re even below Old Laf. Yikes. You’re very quiet and keep yourself to yourself. People think this is because you’re shy, but actually it’s because you’re bitter. Unlike Old Laf, who just accept their place, you’re insanely jealous of the fact you will never be better than New Lafrowda, and you won’t let it go. You’re constantly trying to please others and honestly, they’re getting tired of it.

Holland Hall – You’re “Rah”

The ultimate “Rah, where’s my baccy?” types live here. If you vibe with this, you used all of mummy and daddy’s money to fund your gap yah, and you aren’t apologising for it. You definitely have fake blonde hair, a belly ring, and cargoes. You capitalise off of Depop, and can often be found in the charity shops on the weekend, seeing what you can scam people for as “vintage”.

Penny C – You’re a wannabe

The annoying little sister of Holland Hall. You’re so desperate to be the “IT girl” that you copy any and everything she does. Except, you’re the more cheugy version. Think of a St German’s level of jealousy but on crack – no one likes a wannabe. Instead of wearing all Depop, you opt for the more nouveau-riche style involving a hell of a lot of Juicy Couture. Oh – and you also can’t cook for yourself, we KNOW you’re always ordering Deliveroo.

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