University of Exeter ranked in UK top 20 in new uni league table

One place up from last year, such a slay


Exeter is officially the 18th best university in the UK, rising one place since last year, which is obviously a huge upgrade.

The Complete University Guide has released its 2024 University League Table, in which it ranked 130 UK universities based on 10 factors, ranging from student satisfaction to the amount of money spent on academic services. Exeter was ranked 18th overall (one position higher than last year, we’ve come SO far). Exeter received an overall score of 78 per cent, in which we scored over 79 per cent in student satisfaction, research quality, graduate prospects and continuation for first year students (which got a whopping 97 per cent).

The category Exeter scored highest in was research quality, getting 84 per cent, which is a huge improvement on The Times Higher Education, who rated us a 41.3 in 2023. Student satisfaction has also risen from 84th to 43rd in the league table (must be the large amounts of TP nights this year), placing us in the top 50 for student satisfaction. When asked, students commented on the nightlife, the sport, the safety of campus, and the support for students through wellbeing as reasons for an elevated student satisfaction score this year.

Additionally, 18 of the courses on offer at the University of Exeter now rank in the top 10: including accounting and finance, history, politics and economics. This is further highlighted as we place seventh overall for graduate prospects, with a large amount of students securing post-grad jobs or prospects through placements and years abroad.

Other categories included: facilities – 48 per cent (probably due to the inability to find a seat in the library) and research intensity at 69 per cent. An overall score of 78 per cent is looking pretty fresh for us: top of the pyramid for Exeter this year.

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