10 things you only know if you’ve lived in an all girls uni flat

Girl dinner all day every day

Is it the Urban Outfitters home section or our living room? These 10 points will hit close to home for my fellow girls living with only girls; it’s giving Barbie Dream House, but with mice.

Living with girls is truly the best thing you can ask for during these stressful student years, whether it’s a shoulder to cry on or oat milk to borrow – they honestly have your back (until it’s time to clear the hair out the shower drain, then the group chat suddenly goes silent).

1. The communal wardrobe

One of the perks of an all girl flat is endless array of Josie tops and cargos in every shape and size. No matter what theme your Wednesday social is, someone will have something for you to borrow, and most likely, you’ll never give it back.

2. Girl dinner 

Take a look in any cupboard, and you’ll find all shapes and sizes of pasta and in the fridge there will be at least five opened jars of pesto. 

3. The blood curdling fear of a male voice

Hearing a male voice in your girls only flat is almost as terrifying as a sink full of dirty dishes. The audacity for there to be a man in the flat is criminal, so you best believe the group chat will light up as soon a word drops from that poor boy’s mouth. 

4. Sitting in silence 

There is nothing better than everyone sitting in the kitchen, scrolling on TikTok and not saying a word to each other. There will be the occasional glance up from “OOTD Uni Edition” and the realisation that you’re all procrastinating your assignments. But who cares? This time is sacred flat bonding.

5. The morning debriefs 

Shuffling into the kitchen on Thursday morning, you find all your flat sat in last night’s makeup, cups of tea in hand, ready to debrief and analyse last night’s antics. Let’s just hope its a funny retelling rather than the dreaded “do you remember what you did?” conversation.

6. ‘Hey girlies…’

If us girls can do anything, we can be passive aggressive. Even if your flat are “soul sisters” we’ve all opened the group chat to the “Hey girlies…” message. Whether someone’s avocados have gone off or the flat’s burned down, this message will be covered in glitter and sprinkles to avoid coming across as rude. 

7. Hair… everywhere

My only question is, how are we not all bald ?

8. Period sync 

After a few months everyone’s breakdowns start to sync up. Weird right? Nope, that’s Mother Nature breaking in. The shopping list just got a lot sweeter. 

9. The sheer amount of packages 

The poor postman when the student loan drops. The massive pile of online shopping appearing at the front door is a shameful and exciting experience. But it does mean we all get to sit in the kitchen and do pretend TikTok hauls to each other. 

10. The best memories 

Unless you’re unlucky enough to not like your flatmates, living with all girls will be the best time. You’ve always got your girls, whether you need a hug or someone to tan your back. You’re all in it together and you’ll always have someone to split a bottle of wine with. 

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