Clubbers of the Week: Feeling fun in Week One

If you’re my parents, stop scrolling NOW

And we’re back for Fresher’s Week, the first week of the new academic year and the only week where we don’t feel guilty about partying every night as there are no assigned essays, quizzes or questions to answer – wait until Week Five for that. From the fresh-faced first years, to the slightly ragged fourth years with their dissertations and job applications imminently waiting, everyone has stumbled down to Cowgate at least once or twice to let off some steam, and here’s the rundown of it.

Stunner of the Week


The hair, the top, the smile – not sure if I want to be this stunner or be with her

Runners Up

I NEED to know where that lace top is from

Bunch of cuties

Blue is most definitely were colour x

Not all that glitters is gold

Sweet Smiles in Subway

A Taylor-approved stunner

Loving the smoulders girls

Creepers of the Week


This photo was meant to be for the girls and for the girls only

Runners Up

Ruining the chemistry in this one bro

When the realisation hits that you shouldn’t have had that fourth venom

Cheeky lil photo bomber

The vibe bringers vs the vibe killers

Third Wheel of the Week


I feel like we’re ALL third wheeling the couple in this photo

Runners Up

Missing the memo to wear a patterned top

Wanker of the Week


She’s cooler than the rest of us all put together

Runners Up

Save the smoulder for London Fashion Week

Giving us the Tyra Banks “smize”

Whatever the dress code for the boys was, I feel like one of them missed it big time

The definition of “Freshers” in a photo

Hero of the Week


I feel like they would all bully me, but in a very slay way

Runners Up

Looking cool and casual for the first Big Cheese of the year

Are they making finger puppets or is this some new sign language???

When your mum forces you to pose in a photo to send to relatives

Heroine of the Week


Those working the front lines of the NHS will always be in our hearts <<<333

Runners Up

I need shot girls’ secrets to always looking sensational no matter how late and sweaty the night gets

I feel like the girl in pink is flirting with me

Its giving Main Character Energy

WTF Moment of the Week


Since when did Subway play music suitable for a cheeky Ceilidh?

Runners Up

Cowgate’s newest night: Sombreros X Subway

Is this the Edi gymnastic’s team???

Straight from the operating table to the dance floor???

Subway’s montage of blow-up alien photos was the highlight of writing this article

Album Cover of the Week


I’m really unsure of what the theme of the night was, but this is incredible

Runners Up

Looks like a very sexy ad for Subway

BTS of an avant garde photo shoot

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


He’s seen somethings that I don’t think the rest of us want to know about

Runners Up

When you see your friend leaving the club with a 4/10

Everyone’s face as soon as the DJ starts playing Starboy by the Weeknd

When you get cut off at the bar after trying to buy a 10th shot of tequila

I think he realised that this wasn’t going to be the chill drinks with the boys he was promised

When you turn around to see your main op staring you down

Poor man was most probably asked to make the 76th venom of his shift

When your friend outs an embarrassing secret, but its too embarrassing to bring up in front of the group

Best of the Rest

Fire vs (pool) water

Only way to have such a big group of friends is for them to be freshers

When the DJ plays Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody

So much love!

No Fs given by these gorgeous girls

When you check Snap Maps and see that the person you were hoping to bump into was seen at your location 2 minutes ago

As soon as the DJ starts playing any Taylor Swift song

“I know I’m staying in Chancellors, but I PROMISE you I’m not like the stereotype…”

A work of art

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Mom Mandhyan: Big Cheese

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