Interested in joining us? Here are five reasons you should write for The Edinburgh Tab

We’re hosting an open meeting held at Paradise Palms on the 25th September at 5:30pm!!

The Edinburgh Tab is always looking for fresh writers to join the team, no matter your experience level. Whether you’ve written before or want to start something new, you’re welcome to join the group of leading student journalists as long as you’re passionate and looking to have fun.

There’s more to being part of The Tab than just writing articles and we’ve made a list to show you what we personally think are the best bits.

You can always drop us a message on our Instagram and Facebook pages if you want to write for us or have something you think would be of interest! We are also hosting an open meeting on Monday the 25th of September at Paradise Palms at 5:30pm so do come along to say hi, if you have any questions or just want to meet people.

1. You can write almost anything

Whatever topic you’re passionate about, there’s a good article to be written. You’re welcome to come and pitch any fun and wonderful ideas you may have at our meetings.

You can write almost anything – from quizzes, to opinion pieces, to news, as long as it’s something Edinburgh Uni students would actually want to read, like giving Freshers’ Week advice  or navigating student strikes.

2. You’ll be in the know of all student gossip and relevant news

Being part of The Tab, you’ll realise that we define newsworthy as being something you’d be excited to tell your mates at the pub or put straight on your group chat. And gossip can often lead to a big story you might not have found otherwise.

We’re at the forefront of breaking news stories that are relevant to students and because we’re so dedicated, we get the best scoops before anyone else.

3. You’ll get to write about what you’re passionate about and use your voice for stories students care about

The Tab has an unrivalled platform in student media – our Instagram has tens of thousands of followers and your stories can get the same amount of views. Loads of our writers have used this platform to spread awareness to the issues that matter and often aren’t talked about, whether it be stories about spiking, mental health or even reporting on sexual assault policies of the university.

You can set the tone of what people talk about and shed light on the things that matter.

4. It will set you up with good experience and look amazing on your CV

The Edinburgh Tab, while being its own team, is still connected and supported by The Tab’s national team. This relationship with full-time, experienced journalists will help support and develop your own skills.

If you want to go into journalism, there’s really no better place to start from than here – stories from The Tab have gotten picked up by the BBC, The Times, and the Daily Mail, among others, and we are a nationally recognised newspaper.

Even if you’re not sure about what you want to do – writing for The Tab will give you phenomenal experience of working with and in the media as part of a professional team, which is invaluable no matter your future career.

5. You’ll meet fun and interesting people you might not have met otherwise

Above all, working with us is fun! Not only do we do weekly meetings, but we’ll host regular socials to get everyone together.

Everyone who started at The Edinburgh Tab started without knowing each other but have become close mates. There have been lifelong friendships forged by The Tab.

Our open meeting is for anyone interested in writing for The Tab so please do come along – no experience or article ideas necessary. We can’t wait to see lots of you at Paradise Palms on the 25th September at 5:30pm!

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