Edinburgh University has launched a new online system for reporting sexual assault

It’s called Report + Support

Trigger warning: sexual assault/rape

Edinburgh University has recently launched a new online system for reporting sexual assault.

The system, called Report + Support, allows students to report an incident anonymously or include contact details.

A spokesperson for The University of Edinburgh told The Edinburgh Tab:  “We are committed to addressing the issue of sexual violence on campus and have invested significantly in awareness raising, delivering training for students and staff and ensuring there is effective professional support available for any student who needs it.

“Our new Report and Support platform allows students who have experienced sexual harassment, violence or abuse to use the platform to either tell the University (anonymously) about what happened or report with contact details and seek support.

“The site also provides further information, advice and guidance for survivors of sexual harassment, violence or abuse.

“Reports are received by one of the Report & Support team, which is made up of five trained Student Experience staff members, including our Sexual Violence & Harassment Liaison Manager.

“They can advise on seeking support and advice regarding student wellbeing in relation to all of the issues Report & Support covers.”

The website says: “If you have been raped or sexually assaulted: You are not to blame. The person who raped or assaulted you is to blame. You do not have to cope alone.”

The website offers multiple resources for students to report including Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and the National Rape Crisis Hotline.

Students at the University of Edinburgh have recently called on the university to do a better job of dealing with sexual assault after more than 100 accounts of rape and sexual assault were published online.

Deputy secretary Gavin Douglas told the BBC: “The allegations are really distressing and disturbing to read. But on the other hand, they are not necessarily surprising.

“We know that there’s a challenge with sexual violence on campus and in society. We have got 30-40,000 students, and we recognise that some of those students don’t behave well.

“We are really committed to tackling that, to dealing with the problems when they crop up, and to try to stamp out the behaviour before it even starts.

“I don’t think we can shy away from it.. We have to start by being honest that we have a problem. I don’t think we have a disproportionate problem in the sense that we are worse than other universities or are worse than society in general.”

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