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Edinburgh fourth year student charged with sexual assault

Felix Beck has been suspended from the university


A University of Edinburgh fourth year has been convicted of the sexual assault of a fellow student by the High Court.

The assault took place when the victim was an 18-year-old first year living in university accommodation, and whilst Felix Beck was in the process of being interviewed by police regarding a separate rape allegation against another female student.

After returning to the fresher's student accommodation after a Tinder date, Beck is said to have coerced her into an aggressive and non-consensual sexual encounter. Beck maintains the encounters were consensual and it is yet unknown whether he will appeal the decision of the court.

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Whilst Beck was acquitted by judge Lord Uist of the several rape charges, he was found guilty of serious sexual assault against the 18-year-old student.

Felix is a history student at the University of Edinburgh, and according to his Facebook, he's a campus ambassador for Goldman Sachs.

In an email to students, the school of History, Classics and Archaeology stated: "Throughout, the University has worked closely with the School, in accordance with guidance on 'How to Handle Alleged Student Misconduct Which May Also Constitute A Criminal Offence' issued by Universities UK in 2016.

"This guidance rightly required us to manage the wider risks to the wider University community. The student in question was immediately suspended, and has remained on full or partial suspension since that time."

Felix has been suspended from the university.