It’s mental health awareness week. Here are some things you need to know

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness – it is a sign of strength, and one of the bravest things that you can do.

The event you don’t want to miss this month

We’ve picked out the top event in Durham so you don’t have to

Lumiere – what’s going on and where

Get ready for four days of mayhem

The questions all Durham students ask themselves at some point

“Why did I do this to myself!?”

Second and third years share their top tips on how to cope with Freshers’ Week

Alcohol is the best medicine

Tatler’s guide to Durham is so inaccurate we’re out

Loveshack isn’t actually open anymore, duh

How to survive freshers’ week in Durham

We know you’re struggling, and we’re here to help

The complete A-Z of Durham

D to the U, to the R H A M

Where to take your date in Durham

Apparently fried chicken will get you that second date

Van Mildert Charity Fashion Show was a masterpiece

They know Victoria’s secret

How to steal your flatmate’s food without getting caught

No more passive aggressive notes on the group chat

We tried every hangover cure so Klute never kills you again

Some of them actually worked!

A completely rational guide to surviving a degree you hate

Copy this and you will be fine

First year: Life with alcohol poisoning, every day of the week

We just can’t stop

The realities of being a sober fresher

Being able to remember the whole night is not a blessing

The most stressful things about going home for the weekend

It’s really not that relaxing

Here’s all the new nights coming to Durham this term

No one works in first year anyway

There’s no place in the world quite like Klute

Yet you keep going back

All the useless things you can do with a BA in English

Absolutely nothing

Everything I learnt when diagnosed with Leukaemia

You can laugh about cancer.

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