These are the top 10 places to BeReal in Durham

For all the BeRealers (and my fellow be-fakers), this one’s for you x


We all know that there are some iconic spots to capture in Durham and it’s almost impossible not to see someone snapping their Be-Real on a day out, but why not spice up your own gallery with Be-Real? Whether you like to be-real and take them on time, or whether you like to save them for some spicier moments, here are some beautiful Be-autiful places in Durham to impress your friends!

1. Billy B

A BeReal here essentially sums up the Durham uni experience. We all know the feeling of satisfaction of arriving at an ungodly hour the morning after a night out to secure one of those coveted level three window seats. The inevitable lack of any productive work being completed is worth it for that banging view of the cathedral.

2. Flat White

You braved the queue and made it in – well done! Flat White is one of the most well known coffee shops in Durham, so whether you’re munching on some cake or are happy with a cup of chai, taking your BeReal here is always a good move. For further entertainment, consider listening to some of that rah gossip Tilly and Monty are discussing on the bench across from yours.

3. Jimmy’s

I think all your fans can all guess how drunk you are by the blurriness of the pic, but let’s be real – we all want to blow off some steam after a heavy day of lectures! Clubs like Jimmys, or my personal fav, Klute (yes, my favourite is Klute) are of course the classic options for a quintessentially Durham BeReal.

4. Cathedral

If there’s one Durham landmark in a top 10, it’s going to be the Cathedral. But we love it for our BeReals! If you’ve gotten bored of walking the cloisters and feature- potting the stained glass windows, you can always book a ticket to see one of its many famous light shows. Lumiere is an absolute classic, and it adds a new twist to living out your Hogwarts fantasy!

5. Botanic Gardens

The satisfaction of that notification going off when you’re in the Botanics is absolutely unbeatable. Who doesn’t love a bit of nature on their digital footprint? Just don’t wander too far or you might find yourself in the back fields of Stevo –  a scary prospect for Bailey girls and boys.

6. College Bars

We’re all of the opinion that our own college bars are the best, but this is your chance to show off just how far you got on your latest bar crawl. So, whether you are one of the few who have completed the Mary’s Challenge or just want to show off the grandeur of the Chad’s chandelier to your friends at home, there are few better places to take your BeReal in Durham than a college bar of your choice.

7. Observatory Hill

Chances are you’re here for the sunrise or sunset. So whether you’re a night owl or made a quick stop there on the way home from the club, lucky you! You managed to get a glimpse of the cracking view – so why not take a BeReal and share it with everyone? If you’re lucky you might even see the Observatory Hill cat (he’s living his best life).

8. Lectures

Okay, maybe you are being real for this one – who saves their BeReal for their lectures nowadays? But it’s still a reliable choice and let’s face it, if you got up for that 9am, you deserve to show off! Just don’t let your lecturers see your realness.

9. Prebend’s Bridge/the river

This is one of the most sexy landmarks in Durham. Fancy a little throwback to matriculation? If you’re lucky you’ll be able to snap a pic of one of the row teams – a classic Durham sight. If you’re even luckier, you’ll be able to hear the screams of the Taylor Swift Boat Partiers to give a little backing music to your hot girl walk. 

10. College balls

Now here’s a change from the stereotypical in bed BeReal. Not fancying the cafes and clubbing pics – why not book yourself a ticket to a ball for a meagre hundred quid and feel like royalty for the night? This is one of the only opportunities you’ll get to feel like an actual aristocrat for a night (unless, of course, you’re a Hatfielder and are actually an aristocrat), so dress up and dance the night away!

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