An official guide to Cardiff’s must-see record stores

Did you know the oldest record shop in the world is in Cardiff?

Whether you’re looking for music you enjoy or want to support your local music scene,  we’ve discovered some of central Cardiff’s best record stores. They are perfect for everyone, vinyl enthusiasts or those just starting their collection alike. 

The stores hold a brilliant array of second-hand vinyls and Welsh rarities. What’s even better? They’re all within walking distance so we hope you have a good playlist for your way there. 

Spillers Records

Many people are drawn to Spillers as it’s recognised as the oldest record shop in the world,. Spillers was established in 1894 and it’s the perfect place to visit if you’re passing through the Morgan Arcade. 

Spillers holds a diverse range across all genres of music, as well as sections containing ‘new in this week’ and ‘playing locally soon’ which is perfect to check out what’s going on over the next couple of weeks.

To take pride in supporting the Welsh industry, this well-established shop has its own merchandise and bags sourced from independent Welsh companies.

Location: 27 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AF

Kelly’s Records

Located upstairs in Cardiff Market, you’ll notice the iconic Elvis statue which has stood since the 90s. This store was established in 1969 and has been running as a family business ever since, earning the title of the longest-running second-hand record shop in the UK. 

With a constantly changing stock, it’s guaranteed you’ll find something you like at Kelly’s. Their CD and vinyl collection ranges from classical music to indie, to modern pop – it truly has it all. Not to mention, the bargain record box they have for 50p each is definitely worth looking through. 

Location: 212-226 Central Market, Cardiff CF10 1AU

The Record Shop

In comparison to Kelly’s and Spiller’s which are the busiest record shops in town, The Record Shop offers a more homely, quiet environment, and is hidden around the corner from a busy main road. Nevertheless you’re bound to discover some great finds. This shop has a great selection of music such as rock, country and dance, which date back to the 50s and 60s.

For affordability, The Record Shop definitely ranks high – with 1970’s singles being sold for 50p and several boxes of records for £1 each. It’s perfect to expand your collection. The decor in this shop can not be overlooked either, it’s hard to walk by after seeing the hanging discs inside. 

Location: 1 Inverness Pl, Cardiff CF24 4RU

D’Vinyl Records

D’Vinyl is another crate-digging paradise for vinyl lovers acting as a source for records and a fun day out. Located on 4 Mackintosh Road, the trifecta of record shops in this area will allow your next record trip to be a success considering you are willing to look for it.

The prices in D’Vinyl are some of the best in Cardiff making it perfect for those who are looking for gap fillers or to experiment with genre. The interior of the shops has a homely feel with a rough carpet and records all around you. The quantity stock heads on the floor and in boxes wherever space, also stocking a range of CD’s, old magazines, tapes and DVD’s.

D’Vinyl frequently has sales making finding a bargain here common. Its main stock is that of 60-70s rock and 80s-90s pop, however contains everything. Indie and electronic sections are piled with 12”s from independent underground artists that will be unable to be found elsewhere. You just need to take the time to look.

Location: 4 MacKintosh Place, Cardiff, CF24 4RQ

Cardiff Record Exchange

Despite being the newest out of the Cardiff record shops, Cardiff Record Exchange has some of the best variety and rarity of records out of all the record shops in Cardiff. Situated on 67 Whitchurch Road, it opened in December 2020 where it has gained fast traction and popularity with vinyl lovers in the area. 

The store resembles that of a neat, refurbished, specialist store with a sleek black and white interior with carefully orchestrated sections making finding exactly what you want easy. It specialises in every genre stocking rare and old pressings you will be unable to find elsewhere. The shop contains one of the most impressive post punk and new wave sections to be seen considering how difficult they are to source. If this isn’t your type of music though, Cardiff Record Exchange has a plethora of variety catering for everyone’s needs.

Location: 67 Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff, CF14 3JP

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