Cardiff University performed research on over 52,000 animals last year

Mice were the most commonly used animal

According to a freedom of information request conducted by The Tab, 52,011 animals were used for Cardiff University’s scientific research last year.

It was also discovered that 63,040 animals were usedĀ for procedures in 2013, and 50,541 in 2014.

Listed below are tables providing further information on the species of animals, theĀ amount of individual tests carried out and the number of animals harmed in the experiments.

Number of animals used in scientific procedures, according to species


Number of individual tests carried out on animals


Includes natural breeding of genetically altered animals, each birth counting as a procedure

Number of animals harmed in procedures, according to severity



Cardiff University views the research as “fundamental” and conducts the experiments under the heading of ‘Biomedical and Life Sciences’.

On the topic of animals being harmed in procedures, the statement says: “A procedure must be regulated if it is to be carried out on a protected animal, for scientific purposes and has the possibility of causing pain, suffering distress or lasting harm.

“Some animals are used more than once (under licence authority).”

The statement also mentioned: “Most animals are killed at the end of an authorised series of procedures in accordance with the legal conditions of the relevant project licences and this is done via a humane method.”