What are the best drinking games for pres?

Down it fresher

Drinking games are mandatory if you want a good night out. Seriously, what are pres without them? Nothing, so listed below are the best drinks to fill all your drunken needs.

The best drinking game to get you smashed:


To put it simply, no one in the history of the world has ever played Arrogance and stayed sober. There is no way you can avoid it, especially if the people at your pres are all drinking different things. This game is a combination of not only mixing drinks, but having to down the entire thing in one. The simple ‘higher or lower’ concept even makes the game a quick one. You can have several rounds of it in the space of half an hour, which means everyone will be going out very, very drunk.

The best drinking game to make you laugh:

On my dick/In my mouth

Not a game that will get you seriously pissed, but if you want a laugh, this is the one for you. The rules are simple. At the end of every sentence you utter, boys must say “on my dick” and girls must say “in my mouth.” What happens afterwards is seriously funny. If you forget to say it, you have to drink, but for those feisty ones out there who want to add an extra rule, every time you laugh you have to drink.

The best drinking game to help you pull:

Truth or Dare

A simple but effective way to get frisky with your crush, especially if your best friend is playing with you and knows all the deets of your obsession. Truth or Dare is probably the most famous game out there. This game can help you show your crush how good a kisser you are. Let’s face it, it’s a guaranteed pull.

You don’t even have to play it in pres. Take the game to the club with you. Get pissed. Neck on with random strangers. Love life.

The best drinking game to play on the first night of Freshers:

Indian War Signs

Tried and tested. This game is a winner. It’s an easy ice breaker, and much less awkward than Never Have I Ever. It’s a game where you don’t stop laughing, make epic memories, and let’s face it, you need that on a night where you don’t know anyone. And if you bump into people the next day, an easy way to avoid awkward conversation is to bring up classic memories from your first night out, and this game definitely fits the bill.

The best drinking game to play with your best mates:

Ring of Fire

A simple classic. Everyone knows how to play it and it will get you drunk, plus it means you can have a catch up with all your friends because you all know the rules anyway and don’t have to keep asking, “What does five mean again?”

The best drinking game to get frisky:

Never Have I Ever

No explanation needed really: if you continually talk about sex, someone’s going to end up having sex. You learn a lot. The shy girl in the corner could be mental in the bedroom.

The best drinking game for all occasions:

Universal Drinking Rules

Not a drinking game as such, but no pres is complete without it. Simple rules like drinking with the hand you don’t write with and no swearing is an easy way to get you drunk before you go out. It can make or break friendships. It’s wonderful.

The best drinking game for Tab readers:

The Tab Drinking Game

Because you all know you want to. Go through old articles:

  • If there’s an article about a house party getting out of control, drink.
  • If there’s a fit girl in one of the pictures used in an article, drink.
  • Every time you get angry by a Lydia Baxter article, drink.
  • Every time someone makes comment along the lines of, “Wow, epic journalism once again from the Tab!” drink.
  • Every time you see the word “drink” or “drinking” in any Tab article, drink.