All you need to know for the Welsh Varsity

All the do’s and don’ts

Varsity is coming up on the 20th, so here are some tricks and tips on how to make sure you have the best day possible. This is the article to make sure we celebrate this year, knowing we are the reigning champs.

Make sure you get your tickets

This is an obvious one, but easy nonetheless. If you’ve bought your tickets, they are available from the SU 12pm-4pm everyday on the second floor, until Thursday. So get them quick.

varsity 1

Go red!

The queue will most likely be big, so if you want to be first in line, get there at about 11.30. You need your student number and your reference number, then you need to get your band, your t-shirt, your ticket to the stadium, and you need to choose your bus times. My advice is the earlier the bus, the better. You can even pick them up for your friends, as long as they give you all their details.

Alcohol rules

Alcohol rules, but there are also alcohol rules. You’re not allowed alcohol on the bus, but there are still ways to get boozed on the way to Sketty. They’re pretty vigilant in terms of searching your bag, but I have advice for you ladies: hipflask in the bra. For you gentlemen: get creative.

One of the reasons you should get the early bus is because once you get to Swansea you’re going to need to get a top up on booze. There are a few places to get alcohol when you arrive in Sketty Lane. A few are Tescos dotted about the place, but the easiest place to go is on Swansea University’s campus. There’s a Costcutter in their Student Union which supplies alcohol, but it will get busy during the afternoon, so it’s probably better to go there in the morning.


We be drinking

Wear your t-shirt with pride

You’re going to get a lot of slack from those green Swansea natives, so wear your red with your head held high. We won last year, after all; we can be the big-headed ones.

Varsity is the day where all Cardiff Uni students come together as one team, and we’ll all be wearing our armour together. There will be verbal abuse and pranks, so you need to be prepared. Maybe get some tricks up your sleeve too.

Reserve a seat

You already have your seat for the Stadium, but there is a much more important one. If you want to see any of the sports besides the Varisty rugby match, get there early because the crowds are going to be huge. Get there especially early for the Freshers rugby, because it’s a big match.

Prepare to be disgusted

The toilets are vile. You’ll just have to deal with it. Plus the queues are huge.

Go red

You have the t-shirt. Go the full way. Today is the only day you can go full out, so get the face paint out and go mental. You may as well go the full tomato and get the most out of your day. You can only do Varisty three times, after all.

Wear your colours

Wear your colours

Alternatively if you’re boring you can wear red lipstick.

Get to Liberty early evening

The big game starts at 7, and by now you’re pretty boozed, and the queues to get the bus from Sketty to Liberty are going to be huge, so make sure you’re prepared to get there in time. Your group is going to want food, more drinks, and to go to the toilet, so maybe put a spare 30 minutes to an hour away just for these jobs and to find your seats. Maybe head over at about 5.


Come on Cardiff!!!

End the night with a bang

Maybe even with a rugby lad. Who knows. If you have a red band, it means you have access to the after party in the SU. If you have a black band, it means you’ve severely missed out, but hopefully you’re drunk enough to go home now anyway.

The SU is going to be insanely good, and no one will be sober, so make sure you make the most of it. But wear covered shoes. There will be a lot of drunk people in there are your toes will be at risk.



Have big, boozy fun

This is your day off. Act like it.

Go Cardiff!