People who boast about their exam results on Facebook are the worst

It’s worse than inspirational quotes

When exam results are released, mid terms and coursework returned, there are some people who feel the need let the whole of their Facebook community know the status of their degree.

But why? What do people achieve from this other than boasting and self indulgence?

Making a status on Facebook declaring your First, 2:1 or 2:2 (but definitely not your third) is perfectly understandable when you graduate.  After all, you’ve worked your ass off consistently for the past three years and people are probably quite interested in what you finished on to accompany the picture of you in your gown. It’s also useful to drop your final grade in your status here, because everyone is bound to see it therefore you won’t have to answer friends and family individually when you next see them.



Equally, when you get your result back from your dissertation, a piece of work that you probably loved, hated, cried over but are eventually immensely proud of deserves a status. It acts as a acknowledgement to everyone who made you cups of tea, got your favourite sweets from Tesco and spurred you on in your darkest hours where quitting uni and accepting a low 2:2 seemed like the best option.

What will never be comprehendible, however, is why people feel the need to provide updates per module grade they receive for everyone to see. I’m sorry Sam, but I don’t give a fuck that you got a 2:1 in your 2000 word Land Law essay, and I doubt anyone else does either. The only people who probably care are your family members, and I bet you’ve already told them the good news in your family WhatsApp, so there is absolutely no need to inform them again.

Look at me handing in my 1600 word essay no one cares about

And it’s not just the boasting that’s annoying. It’s also really irritating for everyone who hasn’t done that well in that module or exam. I’m not writing this because I’m bitter, I average on a 2:1 and might get a First if I’m lucky, but I’m not going to cyber rub it in people’s faces when I do get a 2:1. It’s likely that some people in your module have done really, really shit, or worked hard but it didn’t pay off, so the last thing they need to see is a Facebook post of you checking in to a cocktail bar drinking a Pina colada with “celebrating getting ANOTHER First in my essay!” Piss off.

What this all boils down to is the fact that no one cares. No one cares about your exam results as much as they don’t give a shit about what you’ve made for dinner, how many miles you ran at the gym, pictures of what you got for your birthday, or what supposedly cute and not-funny thing your boyfriend is up to. It’s simply TMI. There’s being proud, then there is showing too much pride.