West Road Concert Hall

Review: CUPO presents Great Adventures

MARK DANCIGER finds that CUPO’s latest offering matches up to its stellar reputation.

Don Giovanni

OLI THICKNESSE and DANIEL REVERE are thrilled by this year’s CUOS Mainshow.

A Cappella Sing-Off

This sing-off between Oxford’s ‘Out of the Blue’ and Cambridge’s ‘Cadenza’ was saved by its lack of pretension, says ZARA MEERZA.

An Evening of Magic and Jazz

EMMA WELEMINSKY-SMITH is on a sugar-high after SCMS’s triumph with the spangled leadership of Simon Nathan.

Opus One: Piano Concert with Peter Donohoe

HARRY DADSWELL goes to a piano concert with a daring programme. Did the risk pay off?

Prokofiev Violin Concerto no. 1, Shostakovitch Symphony no. 7

Cambridge students play Soviet music just like real repressed citizens for TIM COOMBES. Strange…

Culture Column 4: Tom Tryon

TOM TRYON writes a match report… on the opera.

Die Fledermaus

CUOS serves Strauss better than Bollinger for RUTH MARINER

Mozart’s Serenade No. 10 ‘Gran Partita’

It fizzed, it sparkled, but didn’t quite pack that extra punch, writes HARRY HICKMORE

Far From The Madding Crowd

Despite a stellar cast, JOE BATES finds this new opera a wasted opportunity.

Lliam Patterson Recital: Hindemith, Leighton and Bach

MEGAN KENNEDY sacrifices her lunch for a concert and is surprisingly happy about it all.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 1

Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON gives you a good dose of all things cultural to cure your Freshers’ flu. Swallow it, it’s good for you.

CUCO concert

SASHA MILLWOOD and ANTHONY FRIEND are reminded of the exceptional quality that can be attained by Cambridge’s elite student musicians.

The Marriage of Figaro

JOE BATES finds bum-pinchingly crude jokes of CUOS’s Figaro ‘most importantly very, very funny’.

The Rake’s Progress

JOE BATES laughed out loud at CUOS’s one dimensional Rake’s Progress, but worries it may have missed the point.

Sinfonia of Cambridge

Miriam Kramer impressed whilst Maggie Caswell stood out like a sore thumb in last Saturday’s concert at West Road.

Gig Guide: Week 1

Week 1 is underway, so stop trawling through all those flyers and termsheets and get back to work- The Tab has got the weeks classical and non-classical music all accounted for in this comprehensive guide. JOE BATES and DAVID HOLLAND bring you everything from I Am Kloot to Scwanengesang.

Classical Music: The Best of Lent Term

JOE BATES launches the new classical music column and tells you why Elgar’s Gerontius, the visit of Libor Pesek and an interesting marriage of Figaro and Facebook mean that Cambridge concert-goers are in for a treat.

Tab Classical

JOE CONWAY reviews this week’s classical events.

Review: Cambridge Philharmonic Society

JOE CONWAY is left pondering what might have been.