The Corn Exchange

Laura Marling & Nick Mulvey Review

RIVKAH BROWN reports back from The Corn Exchange, where a confident Mulvey and a nervous Marling teamed up to deliver a satisfactory evening.

The Darkness

COSMO GODFREE enjoys a man with his pubes on fire, despite his cardinal sin.

Stewart Lee’s Vegetable Stew

Stewart Lee gets a smile, but not a laugh, from editor LOTTIE UNWIN.

The Human League

COTTIA THOROWGOOD: “Although the tangible fusion between performers and audience was based as much on solidarity of years as much as the music itself, the catchy beats dragged us to the dance floor”

Manic Street Preachers

TOM WILLS: “when you can follow a fairly flat three minutes with A Design for Life, and turn the entire place into a sweating, gurning pit, most things can be forgiven.”

Halloween’s Coming

Looking for a frightful night and scared the bop just won’t quite cover it? JENNA CORDEROY puns her way through five days’ worth of Halloween ideas for this spooky week.

Review: Sound of Music Sing Along

MILO YIANNOPOULOS: ‘I have never been so ashamed to be in an audience as I was last night. It almost made me sorry to be alive.’

Review: Ocean Colour Scene

CHRIS BANNON only wishes he had taken his Dad along to see the band Noel Gallagher nurtured.

Review: NME Tour

CHRIS BANNON was ‘satisfied with the night’s music’ but not with the crowd.