Sunday Serial

Episode 8: The End

It’s the finale of the Sunday Serial but will Billy and Anna end up together? There’s only one way to find out…

Episode 6: The Bop

The Sunday Serial continues with a traumatic bop…

Episode 5: The Gap Between a Date and a Bop

This week, Billy’s feeling puzzled, sad and lonely. Spare a moment to consider his plight.

Episode 4: A Date at the Maypole

This week Anna and Billy went on a date, but was it hideous or did Cilla smile upon them?

Episode 3: Girl Trouble

This week Billy’s head has just been in an apsloot mess. Will Best Friend Jed step in to help him out? We’ve got our fingers and eyes crossed…

Episode 1: The Arrival

The Sunday Serial returns with the story of Billy and Anna. Today is their first day back.

Sunday Serial: Final Chapter РThe D̩nouement

Our gripping plot draws to an unexpected but ultimately happy conclusion.

The Sunday Serial: Episode 6 – Sarah’s dark side

In which shit hits the fan

The Sunday Serial: Episode 2 – The Good Samaritan

Last week was blackmail and cancelled garden parties, this week is megalomania and mice.

The Sunday Serial: Episode 1 – Blackmail

The Sunday Serial is BACK and bursting with carnal encounters, CUSU and corruption. Join our heroes here as their adventure begins…

The Hanging Christian – Episode 8

The Sunday Serial builds towards its climax as Freya is forced to become part of a treasonous conspiracy…

The Hanging Christian – Episode 5

The Sunday Serial takes a very dark turn as Freya attends her second meeting beneath the Eagle…

Sunday Serial New Year’s Day Finale: Endings and Exeats

What a journey it’s been, since that fateful day the stranger arrived at The Sleepy Corridor. Embrace your NYE hangover and join OLD DAL in the season finale…

The Sunday Serial: Episode 6

The Sleepy Corridor is settling into the new rhythm of Christmas with the stranger. A strange calm reigns. This can’t last forever. Join OLD DAL for the calm before the storm…

The Sunday Serial: Episode 4 – Night Loan

It is the day after the night before, and Sarah is taking out library books as if it were any other day. But what has happened to the stranger? How did last night end? What are the inhabitants of the Sleepy Corridor plotting?