Simon Haines


KIERAN CORCORAN and CATHERINE AIREY find tragedy in the Greek classic, sadly not the moving kind of tragedy they were hoping for, more the tragedy of bad theatre.

Freshers’ Guide to Cambridge Theatre

Theatre Editor CAITLIN DOHERTY shares her top tips on how to make it in the world of Cambridge theatre.

Sexual Perversity In Chicago

TABATHA LEGGETT squirms and laughs her way through a play which could be justifiably (for once) described as a ‘romp’. But isn’t.

The Seagull

The novelty of seeing Simon Haines in a student play isn’t enough for TOBY PARKER-REES. Ironically, the standout performance was from a complete greenhorn called Lily.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 6

Who let the plays out? It certainly wasn’t the Theatre Guide Dog, but he’ll help chase them back in. Again. Thanklessly.

Why are people so pessimistic about ‘student theatre’?

MATILDA WNEK: ‘Student theatre’ is dogged with associations of pretension, vacuity, talentless posing and dull or overambitious interpretations of classic texts, much more fiercely than unprofessional versions of other art forms.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

SUZANNE BURLTON notices the powerful but not obnoxious odour of veracity.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 3

TOBY PARKER-REES has a play on this week, but may also mention others in passing.

Much Ado About Nothing

BEN BLYTH highly recommends a mixed but ‘well-rehearsed, well executed, and well directed piece of student theatre’. There is also a bit about youporn.

Review: Hitchcock Blonde

PHOEBE LUCKHURST: ‘dark, voyeuristic and rather unnerving but extremely well acted, directed and produced.’

Julius Caesar

I missed large parts of the play simply because I didn’t know which way I was meant to be facing.