Theatre Guide Dog: Week 3

TOBY PARKER-REES has a play on this week, but may also mention others in passing.

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The Revenger’s Tragedy 26-30th

I don’t know a lot about this play except that it’s directed by a very handsome man called Toby Parker-Rees and will almost certainly be the best thing on this week. Rumour has it this production of an underperformed Renaissance classic draws on the manic metatheatre of Raoul Moat and the wry verfremdungseffekt of Stewart Lee. I couldn’t say for sure though. Nor could I say Christ’s artist in residence Tom de Freston has created the costumes. I suppose you’ll have to go to the Corpus Playroom at 7.30 to find out.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 26-30th

Most people going to this (and involved in it) will have studied it at school, so beware Themes. Morgan Ring is a capable director, however, so it shouldn’t be too GCSEish. The main downside is that by going to see this at the ADC at 7.45 you’ll be forced against your will to miss The Revenger’s Tragedy.

The Beginner’s Guide to Opera 26-30th

At the Edinburgh Fringe the three most terrifying words you can hear are one, woman, & show. Once I heard the latter combined with the similarly emetic Carol, Ann, & Duffy. There are two good reasons to take a chance on this, however; firstly Carmen Elektra is this week, so you’ll be in need of some opera knowledge. Secondly, you’ll probably be emotionally and physically exhausted by the mainshow, The Revenger’s Tragedy, so you might as well stick around at Corpus until 9.30.

The Life Doctor 27-30th

A deficit-sized hulk of money has apparently been spent on this thing, and if you’re reading this you’re probably in it so it’s pointless to say anything about it. My main concern is that all Cambridge comedians do Ricky Gervais impressions as soon as a camera points at them. If it manages to be more than a novelty, and avoids ‘oop, awkward’ intonation, it could be very interesting, however. ADC at 11 (you’ll probably have recovered from The Revenger’s Tragedy by then).

Carmen Elektra: Bonesong/Frankenstein!! 29th

This opera underground thing was amazing last time, and even though it clashes with The Revenger’s Tragedy (it’s from 8 at the Museum of Zoology) I’d still advise you to do everything you can to see it. Unless something monstrous has happened to the organisers this should be one of the highlights of the term – you can see The Revenger’s Tragedy another night I suppose.