10 reasons Pussy Riot are even cooler than you already thought

After their visit to the Union last night, JOE GOODMAN gives you even more reason to love the punk protestors

Game of Genres Week 2 – Classical vs Punk Rock

Does Cambridge prefer classical or punk rock? Cast your vote now!

The Fall

COSMO GODFREE falls arse-over-tits for a deranged 54 year old and his cronies.

The Crookes

COSMO GODFREE muses on the future of a poetic Northern band and their performance in a pub.

Tab Tries: Working in a Sex Shop

ROSA ROBSON uses The Tab as an excuse to flex her voyeuristic muscles and venture into the secretive world of ‘the sex shop’.

Interview: The Stranglers

JENNA CORDEROY talks to JJ Burnel from the legendary punk band THE STRANGLERS, who have in their time managed to win an Ivor Novello award, piss off Michael Eavis and shove bananas up their arses. Rock and roll.

Titus Andronicus

JOEY FRANCIS reviews Titus Andronicus at the Haymakers

Review: The Bronx and The Ghost of A Thousand

JORDAN BICKERTON: ‘The only real way to understand why legions of…listeners become so fervently devoted to’ the ;abrasive, angry genre’ hardcore punk, ‘is to go to a gig.’