Oliver Marsh

Carpet Diem

HUNTER ALLEN is thoroughly amused by a 3-star show with one 5-star act.

Christ’s Holy Smoker

Hilarity in the name of charity is not quite enough for ELLIE OGILVIE to laugh through the whole night

Write-Offs: A Sketch Show

NANCY NAPPER CANTER gets right on with Write-Offs. She’s not very good at puns though.

The Canterbury Tales

On blind date Tuesday, JAMES STANIFORTH finds his evening with Chaucer sexy and funny, but not deep.

The 24 Hour Plays 2011

Five plays, five directors, five writers, five producers, five designers, five groups of five actors, but only one ANNA ISAAC.

Golden Gods Charity Smoker

PHIL LIEBMAN likes free wine and comedy. A trip to Pembroke New Cellars got him both.

Corpus Smoker

The last Smoker of term serves up a healthy portion of belly laughs and splits the sides of HUGO JONES.

Review: Entertaining Mr Sloane

PHOEBE LUCKHURST and LOTTIE UNWIN found this visually impeccable, funny and tense play oh so nearly hit the mark.