Wish You Were Here Festival

HARRY WRIGHT wishes you were here, as he sends us back a postcard from one of Cambridge’s best small festivals.

Preview: Watersprite

Film Editor JAMIE MATHIESON previews the Student Film Festival, and learns the origins of its silly name.

Interview: Teddy Thompson

LAURA EDWARDS talks to singer-songwriter TEDDY THOMPSON, about the nightmare of Glastonbury, embarrassing parents, and desert island discs.

Tab Interview: Darwin Deez

TABATHA LEGGETT gets spiritual with musician DARWIN DEEZ.

Tab Interview: Bombay Bicycle Club

TABATHA LEGGETT speaks to Bombay Bicycle Club’s Suren De Saram about the band’s achievements so far and their plans for the future.

Review: Exit Festival

MAGGIE BROWNING on why you should go east for your festival fix next year, and possibly catch some culture rather than just fleas from the campsite.

Tab Interview: Steve Hewitt

Love Amongst Ruin’s front man, and former drummer of Placebo Steve Hewitt talks to TABATHA LEGGETT.

UPDATE: Festival Fever

May Week Schmay Week – GEORGE OSBORN provides the indispensible UPDATED guide to all the best music festivals of Summer 2010.

Pubs of Cambridge #3: The Regal (Ale Festival)

In a change to our planned billing, The Tab heads to The Regal to check out the ale festival