Pubs of Cambridge #3: The Regal (Ale Festival)

In a change to our planned billing, The Tab heads to The Regal to check out the ale festival

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The Regal

Allegedly the biggest pub in Europe, The Regal is big. It is also like a Wetherspoon’s. This review could be quite short.

But fear not, we are here in perfect time for the ‘Spoon’s Ale Festival. Ah, Ale Festival. Two words that conjure images of lazy summer afternoons sitting on hay bales in marquees next to the barbeque, while men with excellent beards play less excellent folk music in the corner. Heaven. Does the ‘Spoon’s Festival have any of these things? No.

They do have bunting though, in case you weren’t sure it was a festival. And this one seals the deal: no longer are you shackled by the accepted norms of our society, which demand that you buy your pint in a pint glass. No, the drinking revolution we have all been waiting for has occurred; pints can now be bought in three glasses. Small ones. About a third of a pint each in fact. A true festival indeed.

But now I’m done knocking it, lets not knock it. A festival it may not be, but there is a selection of 50 ales on rotation over the next two and a half weeks, and they cost a mere £1.89 a pint. Or 3/3 of a pint, depending on your preference. So go there, drink ale, and be merry. Just not on a Friday night, you might catch something.

Best for: Lots of cheap ales, fighting, picking up a 15st hot-pant wearing fitty

Tab Top Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the Anker Gouden Carolus Ambrio: a “full tasting, deceptively drinkable amber ale”. At £1.89 a pint and weighing in at 8%, your night could be shorter than planned

Where: St Andrew’s Street, opposite Emma: Map

How much: Festival Ales: £1.89, everything else: cheap

Rating: Festival 4/5, otherwise 3/5

You can find the festival tasting notes here. Festival runs until 15th November.
Next stop: The Champion of the Thames