The Bristol Tab’s Clubbers of the Week

I’m sure Ant and Dec would rather do a Bush Tucker Trial than ever step foot in Thekla

Kiss me I’m Irish! Last Friday was St Patrick’s Day and obviously the green themed socials were rinsed every day of the week possible by all the sports societies.

I hope everyone consumed at least one pint of Guinness. Even Kim Kardashian brought a cheeky round. Or did she?

The Big Cheese at La Rocca

Everyone at La Rocca was covered in suspicious green substances last Wednesday. It actually looked like the entire hockey society had been subjected to a gunging before hitting The Triangle, leaving a trail of swampy goo behind them.

I think this girl had just been doing the worm and while I’m sure it was absolutely magnificent to watch in real life, this picture is really quite unfortunate. Sorry hun.

Pressure at Thekla

This is too silly even for Thekla. There’s actually someone hanging upside down from the roof of the boat and no one is even batting an eyelid. This has got to be a rock climber. The grip strength is insane.

Flamingo Fridays at Lola Lo

Happy Saint Patricks Day guys. A rogue choice to spend St Paddy’s in the depths of Lola Lo but I support it. Love the commitment to the cause. There’s enough shamrocks on that blazer to make any Leprechaun do an Irish jig. I don’t know I’m not Irish…

Pop Confessional at Thekla

This is such an unreal theme for a night out. Maybe it’s even a Stag Do, in which case these people will never see this article.

I’m sure Ant and Dec would rather do a Bush Tucker Trial then ever step foot in Thekla. New game idea. Celebrity Cyclone but it’s just Thekla smoking area when it’s raining.

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