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UoB students strip naked in RAG calendar, and we have the cheeky promo pics

UoB societies get their kit off for charity

Bristol's Raising and Giving society are back with their 2019 naked calendar, which includes some of Bristol's biggest societies stripping down in the name of charity.

This year's calendar has students baring all in the Victoria Rooms, Wills Memorial Library (not your average study sesh) and even the Downs, all to fundraise for Bristol Nightline, Womankind and the CATS Campaign.

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12 Bristol societies took part this year, including the likes of Badminton, Fencing, Athletics, Uniboob and Snowsports.

We have the delight of being able to show you some promo pics from this year's cheeky (excuse the pun) calendar.

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Events Officer Paige Taylor said: "The naked calendar is only one thing we've set up this year, we've supported Movember Campaigns and our hitchhiking event 'Lost' that raised over £6,400."

"We reached out to societies who wanted to be involved with the calendar and selected our favourite 12 ideas. We'd love to sell out our run of calendar's now and ideally sell 300 in total."

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To get a hold of all the pictures and donate to three amazing causes, you can find the link to the calendar here.