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Bristol University confirm a first year English student has died, the third student in a fortnight

The university are encouraging those who need help to come forward


Bristol University today confirmed that a first year English student died on Saturday 5th May.

The death was the third to have occurred at Bristol University within a fortnight. In a statement, a university spokesman expressed their "great sadness" at "the sudden and unexpected death" and said the thoughts of the university were with the family of the deceased student.

"There are no suspicious circumstances around his death, and an inquest will be held by the Coroner in due course. We work hard every day to keep our students safe and secure and to provide an environment and support network where they can thrive and grow. When we hear the news of a student death it hits us all very hard."

The spokesman added that "it will be particularly distressing" for those who knew the student, and said that "this is the third death in a short period of time and the University is doing everything we can, with the support of partner agencies, to support all those affected by this news."

They continued: "Shock and sadness are entirely normal and understandable responses, and we would encourage any of our students and staff who are affected to contact University wellbeing services for help as well as seek support from friends or family. Information about the support available can be found on our website under our staff and student pages.

"We know this can be a particularly stressful time of year with exams coming up and would encourage our students to make use of the advice and support available to help with this."

If you are experiencing any kind of mental health issue which you believe is causing you dangerous levels of stress – please, do not suffer alone. The help is ready and available for those who require it.

If you wish to get help, a list of all the Bristol services open to students can be found here.

Samaritans have an invaluable helpline- 116 123- that is open 24/7. Their website can be found here.

Whilst The Tab were informed of the student's identity, out of respect for his friends and family we have declined to name him here.