Former Bristol student to launch nationwide anti sexual-assault campaign

‘The conversation seems to have stopped’

A recent Bristol graduate is set to launch a nationwide #RevoltSexualAssault campaign, following the success of an earlier scheme featuring UoB women telling their stories of harassment and assault.

Hannah Price, a former Epigram editor who completed her studies at the university in June this year, told The Tab that she is hoping that both male and female volunteers will come forward to highlight issues around consent, objectification and rape.

Her campaign uses Snapchat to film brief clips of those affected explaining what they have endured. According to Price: "Using Snapchat allows students to share their stories of sexual assault on a familiar platform, while the app allows them to protect their identity to the level they are comfortable with."

The official logo of the campaign

The official logo of the campaign

Price, 23, founded the campaign in April 2017 after becoming convinced that the fight to combat these issues had stalled. "Sexual assault is becoming so common that the conversation seems to have stopped, and in the university environment you are left very vulnerable if you are attacked by a fellow student."

A recent Tab survey found that 44 per cent of incoming female freshers were worried about sexual assault during Freshers'.

To continue the conversation, the campaign will visit universities across the country and find volunteers who would like to share their stories in order to give an insight into the extent to which these issues are affecting students across the UK.

The snapchat account for the campaign

The snapchat account for the campaign

This Friday will see Price return to Bristol to assist in the filming of a new series of Snapchat videos. Participants can come alone to the confidential space or with friends, with your identity being concealed according to the level you have chosen.

Should anyone wish to participate, they will need to fill in this contact form here. Filming will be held between 10am-5pm on Friday 6th October at 2-5 King's Parade Mews, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2RE. Alternatively you can also digitally take part by recording at home and sending your video in using the email address [email protected].