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We went to a pleasure workshop and here’s what we learnt about our vaginas

Apparently only 63 per cent of straight women orgasm during sex

As part of the Guild's SHAG (Sexual Health and Guidance) week we attended a pleasure workshop aptly named "Clit and Miss". We wanted to learn the truth about the illustrious female orgasm. What we learnt changed the game for us and we thought we'd share it with you.

Squirting IS real

This one blew our minds. It's not just a product of male orientated porn, but actually a real thing that some women are fortunate enough to experience. Apparently it feels like really intense peeing. Only better.

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More of us learn more about the vagina from Orange is the New Black than PSHE

With PSHE lessons only covering topics concerning STIs and contraception, it's no wonder that we forgot to draw our anuses when asked to draw diagrams of the vulva in the workshop. Orange is the New Black had a great scene where they explained the female anatomy in real depth. Have a look below.

Sainsbury's sell sex toys

This is a real game changer. As well as your chicken fillets, you can also help yourself to a Sainsbury's own brand vibrator on your weekly shop. We're yet to try them out but we heard good things from the workshop. Sex toys shouldn't be seen as emasculating, if anything they can help improve the experience for both people. By making sex toys easily accessible, Sainsbury's are helping to normalise female sexual pleasure.

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Reasonably priced too

Only 63 per cent of straight women actually orgasm during sex

In contrast, men, gay and straight, orgasm 85 per cent of the time during sex and lesbian women orgasm 75 per cent. This didn't surprise us having faked more than our fair share of orgasms. Honestly we thought the figure would be lower.

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Finding books on orgasms in the library was about as easy as finding the clit

One third of straight women prefer masturbation to having sex with a man

With penal ejaculation typically signalling the end of intercourse with many straight couples, it's no wonder so many women prefer going solo. We were surprised and saddened by this.

Women's officers, Holly and Alif, are particularly passionate about improving uni students' understanding of sex, claiming "sex education at school should be less patronising. You're only scratching the surface when you have the conventional conversations about safe sex and nothing else."

So what did we learn? Female pleasure is slowly but surely becoming an integral part of heterosexual sex, as it should be. And we, at The Birmingham Tab, couldn't be happier.