Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo since MAFS Australia 2024

Three months on, here’s everything Jade and Ridge have been up to since MAFS Australia

They’re so in love I’m crying

Since MAFS Australia 2024 we’ve heard nothing but cast dramas, fallouts and splits – but through it all, Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo are still together.

They don’t really talk much about their fellow cast members, and instead they’ve spent their time together since the show actually working on their relationship. It’s been a while now since they got married without meeting, but for us it’s been around three months since it wrapped up on screens.

So, in that time, here’s a rundown of what our MAFS Australia 2024 faves Jade and Ridge have been up to since the show.

Since MAFS Australia, Jade and Ridge have shared their plans for the future

Jade and Ridge are taking loads of steps in their relationship, firstly moving in together on the Gold Coast. In a previous interview, the couple said Ridge was going to be moving into Jade’s home. They’ve posted pictures of them together, including Ridge very much becoming a part of Jade’s daughter, Victoria’s life.

Alongside a video of him moving in, Ridge said: “We really did go from ‘can’t wait to see you next’ to ‘see you at home.’ After six months I’ve finally made the move to the GC to be with my girl. It hasn’t been the easiest of roads with the ups and downs and all the rest of it but we did actually make it. I’ve finally settled in here and I’m so excited to continue to grow our lives together with little V.”

But it doesn’t sound as though Victoria will be alone for a long time, as the couple have said they want to have kids, and their dream would be to have twins. “Boy and girl twins! I’ll definitely be waiting for another ring before we have any kiddies,’ Jade told New Idea magazine about their future plans. “The show doesn’t count. I’d like a proper engagement, instead of me just being handed to him.”

Both Jade and Ridge have signed to a management since the show

The couple have definitely embraced the new life they’ve been thrown into from the show, as both Jade and Ridge now have management agencies. Ridge is managed by InStyle Media, and Jade is by Zooz Group.

Under her management, Jade is now an ambassador for FashionNova, and has 168k followers on Instagram. It doesn’t look as though Ridge does much influencing, but if he should he has 117k followers to promote in front of.

Ridge is still running his clothing brand but has quit his other job

When he moved to the Gold Coast to live with Jade, Ridge quit his previous job as a psychiatric nurse. But was he ever going to let Deece go? Of course not.

During the show he famously called everything “Deece” and this was probably a sly way to promote his clothing brand, with the same name. He’s still running the brand, which sells items with the slogan pasted all over them. He’s stepped it up a notch since the show, posting even more pictures of him wearing the brand, and even getting cute family pictures of himself, Jade and Victoria all wearing Deece.

Jade and Ridge have been going on post MAFS Australia holidays together

After the show, Jade and Ridge were one of the first MAFS Australia 2024 couples to go on holiday together. They went to Bali, which Ridge cutely called in a post their “first fam holiday”. Victoria went with them, and they enjoyed cute nights out and trips to beach clubs.

Ridge also got Jade’s name tattooed on him

He’s clearly *very* serious, because Ridge got Jade’s name tattooed in him whilst they were in Bali. At the time, she joked that “if Ridge messes up, jokes on him because my name is on there.” Fair.

They go to fun events all the time, including Australia Fashion Week

Of course, life for anyone in the post reality TV industry includes being invited to swanky events none stop. Talking about their life together since MAFS, Jade said: “We have enjoyed it. It’s crazy busy with everyday activities and everyday life and events here and there. So it’s been good.”

The pair went to Australia Fashion Week and shared pictures all dressed up, and they’ve also been to shop launches, fashion collab events and brand dinners.

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