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Now that Young Sheldon is officially over, this is who from the cast is still friends

Growing up together on screen seemingly creates bonds for life

The Cooper family is a chaotic one, to say the least, with their money problems, surprise pregnancies and the trail of troubles Sheldon brings alone. However, there is an undeniable love between them all, brought forth by the death of George at the end of season seven. After this long journey, where many of the youngest cast members have gone from childhood through adolescence on-screen, they have formed some lifelong bonds it seems.

The whole cast appears quite close-knit, with Zoe Perry who plays Mary Cooper, saying that she sees all of her on-screen children as her own. With The Big Bang Theory spin-off going on for seven seasons, all of the older members have watched the younger ones grow up over their time on the show. And, there’s even more to come with the new Georgie and Mandy spin-off series meaning the cast are not separating ways any time soon. So, here is all the Young Sheldon cast who are still friends now the show is over:

Iain Armitage and Annie Potts

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The adored bond between Connie “Meemaw” Tucker and Sheldon Cooper, nicknamed her “Moonpie,” is one of the funniest ones. Meemaw’s wisdom and lighthearted approach to life balance Sheldon’s nitpicky, overanalytical spirals. For the actors too, Potts hasn’t hidden how Iain is her favourite. Giving her a chance to relive looking after her own three sons in their youth, Potts told Metro: “I was just so happy to have a little boy in my life again and to play with,” noting too how “he is fun to act with because he’s quite a good actor.”

Raegan Revords and Montana Jordan

Raegan Revords is an only child, unlike her character Missy Cooper, which makes her sibling bonds on screen especially noteworthy. Raegan and Jordan don’t only have a special bond in the show as Missy and Georgie, in the shadow of Sheldon who takes up much of the family’s attention, but the actors do too. Raegan told CBS how she “can FaceTime him, call him, text him anytime,” so it appears the show’s ending won’t get in the way of the Young Sheldon cast members still being friends.

Iain Armitage and Raegan Revords

Playing twins on the show, Iain and Raegan’s characters bicker constantly but are there for each other when they need it most. The actors have a similar sibling-like, love-hate relationship, with Raegan saying: “We fight, and then we are back to being friends and that “We both love reading, singing, music and dance.”

Raegan also looks fondly on how “Iain sent me flowers and they were beautiful, smelled amazing, and a very sweet note with them,” after a car crash she was in. As expected with playing twins on screen, the pair remain close friends.

Iain Armitage and Jim Parsons

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Playing the younger version of Jim Parson’s iconic portrayal of Sheldon Cooper, Iain Armitage came into the limelight as the titular character of Young Sheldon at only nine years old. This came with a protectiveness from Jim, especially at the start, but he has given him space to make the role his own since.

Recently, as filming wrapped up, Iain made funny TikToks with Jim, showing the similarity in appearances as Iain grew up proving that the Young Sheldon cast members are most definitely still friends.

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