‘I would’ve done things differently’: Samantha speaks out after Love Island 2024 dumping

She wishes she’d coupled up with Ronnie instead

Last night’s Love Island 2024 was pretty savage, and ended up with Samantha being the latest Islander dumped from the villa. Following Joey Essex being whisked off to Casa Amor by bombshell Grace it wasn’t looking for good for Samantha, and then the recoupling solidified she was now single, so therefore had been axed.

As soon as Grace entered the villa Samantha had been on edge. By the end of her time she had refused to let Joey speak to her, and was fuming about how everything went down. So what does Samantha have to say about being dumped from Love Island 2024?

‘I am devastated to leave’

Samantha gets dumped from Love Island 2024

via ITV

When asked how she feels about being dumped from Love Island 2024, Samantha said she is “devastated” about having to leave the girls she formed such close friendships with. “I am very excited now to see what my future holds and look forward to seeing what is next,” she added.

She said Jess and Nicole were her two best friends in the villa, and she was also really close with Harriett. She said: “I will 100 per cent be partying with Jess and Nicole when they get out.”

Speaking about her connection with Joey and what happened, Samantha said: “I was true to myself and didn’t feel like it was a waste of my time because I followed what I felt was right for me. When it comes to Joey, I think if I knew what I know now, I perhaps would have done things differently.”

Who does Samantha wish she had got to know better?

Now knowing things weren’t going to work out with Joey, Samantha said she wishes she had taken the time to get to know Ronnie. “Ronnie’s more my type than Joey was, but I feel like Ronnie didn’t pursue anything with me because he didn’t want to go up against Joey,” she said. What is it with these girls and Ronnie?!

Samantha gets dumped from Love Island 2024

via ITV

Who does Samantha back to win Love Island 2024?

When Samantha was asked who she thinks has a good connection, she said: “Two couples stick out to me, Ciaran and Nicole along with Mimii and Ayo. I love them both individually and together – they are my end game. Ayo’s recoupling speech was lovely.”

Right, so who does Samantha think will win the show altogether? “I’ll go for Mimii and Ayo – they are probably my favourite couple,” she said.

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