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Timothy has finally spoken out about the major MAFS fallout between him and Lucinda

‘There is no question sometimes people’s paths take different directions’

Timothy was never one to back down from exposing some truths during MAFS Australia, but it looks like he might be keeping what really happened between himself and Lucinda quiet for now, following speculation the two have massively fallen out.

Last week the two reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram and untagged all their pictures together which suggests they could even have gone as far as to block each other. Yikes! Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, one fellow MAFS Australia 2024 cast member said the fallout is because Lucinda is now “too busy” to give as much time to her friendship with Timothy.


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In the new video, Timothy explains: “We sign up on a contract [on MAFS] where you get to see everything in our life, nothing is off limits. That’s the authenticity, If you stick with it, and let everyone see everything the show can be a really positive thing.

“So whatever has happened behind the scenes, I’m always going to keep that private. And in regards to the online articles about jealousy and about this and that they are all off the mark. But in saying that I will keep ‘why’ private. There are only three or four people that know. And that’s where I’m going to leave it. I wish Lu all the best in the future and there is no question that sometimes people’s paths take different directions. And that’s where it is.”

As for whether Lucinda has revealed anything about their rift, she told So Dramatic!: “My doors and arms will always be open to Timbo.” I’m simply itching to know what really went down between these two!

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